Introducing Sweat Series [5 Minute Full Body Burn]

We’ve all been there. Your sweat sesh is calling but the studio is so. far. away.

Queue Sweat Series: we’re bringing the workout to you so you can get pumped anytime, from anywhere.

To do this, we’ve partnered with our friends at Well+Good and asked the industry’s hottest instructors and fit-stagrammers to give us their quickest and hardest do-anywhere workouts.

“This five-minute full-body workout is guaranteed to leave you burning.”

“This five-minute full-body workout is guaranteed to leave you burning,” says Emily Cook Harris, founder of EMpowered — her personal training studio – and instructor at NYC’s Fhitting Room. It’s all about getting strong and lean by combining strength and cardio in small bursts.

“I think it’s so important to translate moves to things you’re doing in real life — functional training is training for life,” Harris tells us. For instance, squats get you in and out of your seat, while lunges keep you quick on your feet and up the stairs.

Stay tuned for more butt-kicking Sweat Series workouts from our collaboration with Well+Good coming soon!

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Emily [right] is wearing:
Chi Tank, $39
Dobby Be Free Knicker, $64
Double Dare Bra, $49
Mesh Headband, $12
Mesh pullover, $89

Nikki [left] is wearing:
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