National Trails Day: A City Hike With A View [5 minute read]

Here at Athleta, we’re lucky to call the San Francisco Bay Area ‘home.’ In preparation (and celebration!) of National Trails Day on June 6th, we asked our friend Aimee, a San Franciscan and blogger at The Ohio Transplant, to share some of her favorite urban hikes in the area.

Athleta_008City-charm and beauty aside, this bustling city is home to a variety of epic landmarks and regional parks. As a result, the city boasts a plethora of urban hikes that will leave you feeling like you’re in Yosemite [with less of a trek, but the same opportunity for peaceful downtime and outdoor-exploration].

An Easily-Accessible Trail with Stunning Bridge Views

No list of hikes to explore in this city is complete without Lands End. This beautiful park lies at the Northwestern corner of the city, and its rocky and windswept shoreline is what makes it particularly unique. The Coastal Trail unveils a picturesque view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Even when it’s foggy out, it’s something special.

One of the best parts of San Francisco is that there’s something for everyone– even if you don’t have a car. While you can absolutely drive, public transportation is actually the best way to get to Lands End. Plan a trip.

On Top of The World

Looking for other places that provide achievable exploration? Feel on top of the world at Corona Heights. Located near the heart of the Castro district, the park has wonderful views of the city and a rock formation that makes you feel like you’re standing on top of the world?—?or at least the city. I suggest bringing some good friends, a bottle of wine to sip through the sunset, and a camera or phone to take photos of the awe-inspiring views.


The Precious Presidio

Another area worth checking out is the Presidio. Once a United States Army Post, the Presidio is now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and home to a variety of beautiful trails. This massive park gives way to views of the Golden Gate Bridge and Andy Goldsworthy’s Spire. If you’re curious, this Presidio landmark is situated right along the Bay Area Ridge Trail. More often than not, you’ll find other visitors along the same path, eager to take a photo or two. Along with a variety of other parks in San Francisco, the Presidio is one of these amazing places that will have you forgetting you’re in a major metropolitan city!

Don’t Forget to Layer Up

San Francisco is famed for its unpredictably chilly fog, so be to sure to layer up before you set off. There’s something empowering around wearing comfortable clothing that not only looks flattering but performs when you need it to.


The Trekkie Capri felt great with a comfy knit waistband, and just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable but not too loose. Best of all was the zip stash pocket for my smartphone!

On top, I started with the Renew Racerback Tank, which paired perfectly with the Peninsula Stripe Top. Halfway through the hike, I tied the shirt around my waist – I forgot how the weather changes like crazy here. Lastly, I laced up a pair of lightweight and breathable Echo hiking boots by Oboz, which have a wonderfully snug and comfortable hold.

National Trails Day is Saturday, June 6th. Grab your friends and check out one of these San Francisco staples in style!

Aimee Rancer

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