We live for the outdoors.

As the days get longer, we’re watching the tide and gearing up for our favorite sun-filled sports.

That’s why we designed the Pacifica Collection. Made from UPF 50+ performance fabric, it’s eminently versatile for every sport under the sun. Plus, we gave it all the details you need: raglan sleeves to free up your shoulders, a half-zip front for ventilation when you need it, an always-flattering fit and zip pockets to secure your essentials. Sporty enough to keep up, wherever summertime takes you.

Here’s how we’re putting the Pacifica Collection to the test:


Kayak, surf and SUP. We’re on board. The Pacifica Collection is made with UPF 50+ rated fabric so you can focus on your stroke, not the sun. It’s super stretchy, so it hangs with your every move. And, it wicks and breathes for all-day wave-making action.

KiteSurfBoscabell Criss Cross Rashguard


Our performance fabric is unstinkable and wicking, so you can sweat it out in back-to-back workouts and get to the next thing in one smooth move. Go ahead and put it to the test. Natural silver salts give the fabric antimicrobial protection that lasts wash after wash — which means less time doing laundry, more time doing the things you love.

RunPacifica UPF Tank 2 + Pacifica UPF Hoodie


We designed the Pacifica Collection to be performance-fitted, yet not too tight, so it winds down with you from beach to street. Even better? We’ve got it in tons of styles, from the tee and tank to the hoodie, plus amazing colors in everything from basic to bright so you have options as endless as summer, itself.

PACIPacifica UPF Hoodie

Check out our Pacifica Collection for a no-fuss, all-fun approach to enjoying the sun.

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June 10, 2016 at 12:09 am

The First Robotic Arthropod Known As Roboquad is really
a four-legged, spider-like robot with unparalleled mobility and consciousness.
Not requiring maintaining power to carry a page of
text, the Kindle permits you to read for up to your full month on just one single charge versus
only hours over a tablet or touch screen phone. You will see a large amount of reputed agencies and firms giving you
the most beneficial possible technology available inside security ip camera wireless review market.

Thus, a Bluetooth headset might grant you with this particular great advantage.
Wi-Fi can link camera to dedicated app with a smart
phone or tablet.

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Stella de Oro Daylily has golden yellow blooms that grow 18-24
in. I believe which a strong marriage is that through which the couple is capable to
change together and grow together. Grow light for weed Splitting atoms creates radioactive waste and excessive heat which have to be controlled to avoid catastrophic consequences.

LED or light emitting diodes are activated when electricity runs with the
semi conductor; it is often a tried and decided technology that’s far superior to HID
lights. Vegetables like potatoes grow underground so naturally they need a
larger container than herbs will.

A person should also be aware in the news business categories much like the financial news,
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Best led grow lights 2016 serious – – So even if one does not have every other medium in your
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Is there a method to force minecraft to play with what’s there rather than downloading
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Is there a method to force minecraft to play with what’s there rather than downloading the updates while playing.

In Minecraft, place a pressure plate with a common path of travel, including just past a doorway, so it
is possible to be sure the player will trigger it.xt%


June 14, 2016 at 8:19 am

Also, we have been facing challenges from traditional monitors that
are moving to contend with us. The robot market is constantly grow with a exceedingly rapid pace.
This could be the perfect gift for individuals who love using tablets
during sex or sofa.

The Tread Based Roborover comes with a mixture of vocal content and
driving-based games. This doesn’t mean this camera just isn’t a solid
full featured wireless security camera though.

Fox News’ evening show, Red Eye, uses animation to behave
out certain situations and browse e-mails from viewers.
Best monitoring camera whereby So once you are going to post your story on your own blog, come program some
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A case meeting may help you resolve conflicts with the other
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This activity allows your kids to reflect about the story and improves fine motor skills.
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There are a few advantages that you could enjoy by installing the CCTV cameras with the DVR system.
Finally we came out with the other end having a cohesive product array of CCTV cameras, recorders and accessories which we were
happy with. Best small business security camera system
CCTV surveillance systems useful for monitoring positions close to
rail stations could be quite numerous, depending about the size of the station.

With the presence of all of these factors, then your CCTV surveillance system is going to be
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CCTV is considered to be the most effective technique of reducing


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The durable steel spine is usually used in pairing with any cover of your respective choosing, offering
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expensive home appliances for instance LCD TVs, gaming
consoles, DVD players, vacuums, digital cameras and a lot of more gadgets.
Gaming laptops under 1000 com, however the tone
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Inverter board is frequently attached while
using screen, with the bottom. People may possibly use exactly exactly
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around date series the genuine older share becomes outdated.

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best nails art designs cute nail designs

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All these things have become possible through the use pc applications in daily life.
If you would like to be a parent who is active and familiar with your kid’s
gaming time, put in certain hours playing their games
on the own. Ibuypower unboxing 2015 The mini-games inside Clone Wars include Republic Defender, Lightsaber
Duel, Starfighter and Speederbike Racing.

A gaming computer can be a wise investment, and it could also offer hours of entertainment within your
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TV video Games.

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There’s a good big level jump here as you’ll need Hunter Level 49 before it is possible to start tracking razor-backed kebbits.

Occam’s Razor theory finds widespread use within business
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People complain that mens shavers give them
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Many people escape to tropical islands because they worship sunshine.
And if you are persistent, your hard work will be met with results.
What does (( mean

An oil rig leaking into an ocean is a man-made (or caused) disaster.

Being our Creator, Jehovah knows what is best for us, so when we listen and accept His kind rulership, we will be
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The sofas will hold 2,000 pounds and Home Reserve comes
with a 5-year warranty and alternative to normal use if a part is defective.
Is your sofa or futon likely to be exposed to much
damage. Keeping the BAR out of one’s back is one with the most important reasons to invest
in a foam sleeper sofa mattress.

Sofa Sleeper Mattresses can be found not only in many styles, but in many sizes as
well. Considering that space constraint can be a key issue in modern properties, you’ll be able to steer clear of having another guest room if you’ve got these


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Many fire and emergency medical services depend on two-way radios at fire and accident scenes to hold personnel connected while
in perilous situations. The traditional portable approach radios operate
on a fixed RF (radio frequency) channel. Baofeng bf-888s ebay XM Radio has exclusive rights to acclaimed BPM, but Sirius has a special Dance
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Tenzin: You know, I’d for ages been struggling as a single
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The customer satisfaction staff acted rapidly along with both
instances exceeded by expectations. The Follower and ‘Work Orders’ systems
are interesting but they are another layer
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truck accessories.

This is really the only real serious weak spot of League of Legends.
If there may be a common theme towards the perks that “cool” companies provide, it might be what
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Ultimately when purchasing a DVR to your surveillance system make sure you take a serious look at the features you’ll need and what
is likely to best satisfy your surveillance system. CCTV42 is about providing and advising you
on the correct CCTV camera systems which they believe will benefit you or perhaps your company the most.

Top rated dvr A CCTV dome camera is repeatedly outfitted which has a
dark colored glass dome.

There would be a time when CCTV systems used VCR’s for recording video.
CCTV cameras might be wireless, and may, be monitored remotely if the owner.

June 28, 2016 at 10:39 pm

When you are looking for indoor growing, you will find certain things you must consider.
ve resolved to install a grow light on my own balcony to see if
this may help. Ebay grow light To eliminate the darkness all we need to do is
light up what is most effective and special about us.

Display cabinets and shelves, particularly those with rich staining
or finish will benefit through the appropriate installation of LED light bars.
Each in the LED and CFL indoor grow bulbs could have a higher initial
cost in contrast to regular lighting.

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June 28, 2016 at 10:48 pm

Alienware needless to say specializes in gaming computers, while ASUS sells gaming computers within the
G label, together with the most popular choices being the G51,
G60 and G73. Do a favor, before you think about buying
this laptop, just determine again and again ‘ ‘would it be worth it’.
Best laptop under 400 Case in point the trucker updating software is a great feature.

You feel too rough on the touch which is not something I would use for very
long periods. Just try holding a laptop having a 17-inch screen and one using
a 15-inch screen.

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These three laptops are built about the new second generation of Intel Core 2011 processor (Intel Sandy Bridge).
Keep every one of the other options like sound card, network
card, gaming mice, warranty etc. Great gaming computers under 1000 Defragmenting
often revs up a slowed gaming computer by improving space allocation of the company’s’ various

Computers who have too much hard disk drive
space taken on will run slower. It also can be familiar with store and move save game files, mods, as well as other relevant
data in regards to game.

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