Athleta Model-Athlete Profile: Getting to Know Surfer Ha’a Keaulana

Athleta’s Summer 2016 Model-Athlete and surfer Ha’a Keaulana shares her love for family, surfing and photography.

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Model-Athlete Ha’a is wearing the Shirrendipity Halter Bikini Top and the Notsostring Bottom


So you come from a pretty intense family of surfers – your grandfather is Buffalo Keaulana. Was there pressure to surf?
We just enjoyed a lovely weekend with my grandfather and my grandmother at his event this past weekend. All of us grandkids were never pushed to surf, but we were all brought up with an ocean lifestyle.

What’s your first surf memory?
Riding on a big tandem board with my dad. I think I was around three years old.

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Colorblock Midi Bikini and Notsostring Bottom

Your view on life in 3 words.
Family, ocean, respect.

What does your weekly fitness routine consist of?
Walking the beach, surfing, abs, sometimes diving. But mostly surfing.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in the water?
I enjoy taking photos of people surfing from the shore.

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Great segue. We LOVE your Instagram. What’s your one tip for share-worthy pics?
Capture what makes you happy.

What do you love most about surfing?
I love how surfing clears my mind and keeps me young.

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Red Mystique Tankini and Red Mystique Medium Tide Bottom

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Pacifica UPF Hoodie and Laser Beam Kata Short

You’ve probably been through a lot of swimsuits in your time. What is the most important thing you look for in a good suit?
Cuteness of course, but more importantly function and something that stays on while surfing.

You’ve been competitively surfing since you were 12. What advice do you have for someone getting out there for the first time?
Nowadays I only compete in my grandfather’s event, Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classics. It’s a very fun cultural competition that doesn’t come with the aggressive competitive vibes. You’ll start to feel the progression with more time and passion. Just have fun and don’t worry about what others think.


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February 27, 2016 at 7:48 pm

ha’a is beautiful inside and out-.
the happy life she lives shows in her smile.

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