For the Adventurer: 5 Essential Packing Tips for Holiday Travel


Whether you’re packing for an overnight trip or a weekend getaway, sticking to the essentials can help lighten your load and solve your “what to wear?” dilemma ahead of time. This holiday, I’m packing light with pieces from The Adventurer outfit (see below photo). The pieces are cozy, casual and great for lounging at my parents’ house or going for a family hike. I put together some of my go-to packing hacks to help make your holiday travels a breeze.

Tip 1: Plan It Out


From left to right: Slouch Beanie by FRAASRemarkawool Turtleneck, Cashmere Lodge Sweater, Lumberjill Shirt, Rainfall Jacket, Metro Legging, Skymra Mid Gortex Sneakers by Tretorn, Nylon Mesh Bag, Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses, 17oz water bottle by S’Well

Before I begin, I consider all of the variables of my trip, from the weather to how many days I will be traveling to the kinds of activities I will be doing. After that, I start planning my outfits. I like to pack pieces that travel well, won’t wrinkle and will keep me warm. Layers that work together like the Lumberjill shirt underneath the Cashmere Lodge sweater are perfect because you can take the sweater off and tie it around your waist. The Metro legging is ideal because it’s soft and cozy but it’s a pant you can easily take from day to night.

I like using a rolling rack to hang everything on so I can clearly see each pieces and put outfits together. If you don’t have a rolling rack you can set your clothes on your bed or a rug and begin piecing outfits together that way.

Tip 2: Save Space and Stay Wrinkle-Free

We’ve all tried to cram too many clothes into a bag. Here are two methods to save space and stay wrinkle-free, they’re called rolling and bundle & fold.


Rolling: Good for unstructured bags, helps save space and is good for items that are not wrinkle prone. I like to roll my leggings and soft shirts. Rolled items should be placed after your shoes and heavier items.

Bundle & Fold: Both work great  for structured suitcases and are good for those of you who really hate wrinkles.

I start by buttoning and zipping each item. I then lay them flat and start stacking from most wrinkle prone to least wrinkle prone. You would stack them this way because the clothes that are the most wrinkle prone have to be folded over multiple items so the folds are not crisp, they are more rounded, so it helps to prevent fold lines.


Begin by stacking your clothes


Then, fold over the sleeves


Fold down the middle


Then fold in half

Tip 3: Use Your Shoes for Sneaky Storage

shoes copy

Skymra Mid Gortex Sneakers by Tretorn

What to do with smaller items, bulky items, and intimates? Stuff smaller items inside of your shoes for extra storage.

Tip 4: Bring a Multi-Purpose Bag


Rainfall Jacket, Nylon Mesh Bag

I like to stuff my bulky jackets in an extra bag for a few reasons. First, it keeps it compact and saves space in my suitcase, and second, it can double as a pillow if I need a short nap during travel. A drawstring bag is also a great place to keep your dirty laundry from your clean clothes as you travel.

Tip 5: Pack It All In Like a Pro


Go To Gym Bag

When it comes to packing items in your bag, it is all about what you place where. Heavier items, more structured items (such as your toiletries bag) and shoes should be placed toward the bottom of your bag or near the wheels. Pack smaller items last.

Try these tips for your upcoming holiday travels and take a load off your shoulders!

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Alex is wearing the Lumberjill Shirt, Metro Legging, Skymra Mid Gortex Sneakers by Tretorn, Dipsea Polarized Sunglasses, Cashmere Lodge Sweater, Nylon Mesh Bag and 17oz water bottle by S’Well

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E Lindgren

December 12, 2015 at 5:20 am

The curtain rod of the shower works just as well as a rolling rack, since most folks don’t have one of those. If I’m traveling for more than a few days, I use those bags that you can put clothes in and then roll out all the air. Doesn’t decrease the weight of the clothing, but significantly descreases volume. Just pack items that don’t wrinkle or are intended to look wrinkled. Did 3 months in Europe with only carry on luggage with this trick.

Erin S

December 14, 2015 at 10:02 am

What is the black hard side bag on the far left in the second picture??

Team Athleta

January 24, 2016 at 5:41 pm

Thanks E! Great tip about the curtain rod – thanks for sharing! ^Helen

Nina Ramirez

March 12, 2016 at 2:14 am

Extremely interesting and helpful tips! I am not a good packer, but after reading this I really want to be more careful and organized while packing my suitcase. Thanks for the advises!!

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