Why We Love Yoga: 6 Physical and Emotional Benefits of Your Yoga Practice


LA-based yoga teacher Aerial Lynn inspires with yoga’s many lasting good vibes and physical benefits.

Yoga and meditation have temporary and lifelong benefits that often start on the mat. Let’s discuss how a dedicated practice can boost both your everyday living and contribute to a lifetime of zen and bliss!

3 emotional qualities that yoga and meditation can contribute to:

Emotional Benefit #1: Patience

IMG_8096Aerial wears the Floral Crush Chaturanga Tight with the Fastest Track Bra in black.

Through vinyasa flow yoga and meditation, we can focus on our breath and keeping ourselves in the present moment. The more we equalize with lengthened inhales and exhales, the more we are able to slow everything down. We learn to maintain our slow, deep breaths even when we find ourselves in a tough asana. Finding stillness opens up to patience and vice versa.

Emotional Benefit #2: Compassion

IMG_8093By practicing around others, we are able to notice how everyone is in their own space and at their own point of practice. This allows us to take our lives off the mat into consideration. We start to think about the fact that everyone has their own purpose and is living their own life, despite any challenges they may have to go through. Yoga allows us to see our strengths and weaknesses as a beautiful, individual journey.

Emotional Benefit #3: AwarenessIMG_8194

Above, Aerial sports the Bloom Chaturanga Capri paired with a white Wherever Bra.

The connection of body and mind becomes clearer after yoga and meditation practice. By turning inward, we are able to pay attention to how we feel both physically and emotionally. By bringing ourselves into the present moment, all of the thoughts that race through our heads become background noise and our minds and bodies become our main focus.

3 physical qualities that yoga and meditation can contribute immensely to:

Physical Benefit #1: Posture


Aerial is wearing the Space Dye Namaste Bra in navy along with the Energy Chaturanga Capri in black.

An emphasis on formation is critical for a safe practice. If we pay attention to alignment, we can improve the way we stand and sit. For example, the simplicity of a Mountain Pose, or Tadasana, is much more complex than one may think. Lengthening a spine, keeping shoulders back, and other adjustments can be hard work. But with consistent practice we can open up the parts of our bodies we tend to neglect—such as out chest and shoulders—and ultimately create better posture.

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Physical Benefit #2: Digestion/Metabolism


Aerial wears a white Wherever Bra and a pair of sapphire Sonar Capri.

Inversions and twists can be life changing when it comes to digestion and metabolism. By strengthening our abdominal muscles, we also strengthen our organs, which are the center of digestion. Vinyasa flow helps with circulation to really get our blood flowing in all the right places.

Physical Benefit #3: EnergyIMG_8141

The combination of all the benefits of yoga—physical and mental—can provide us with great energy. Cultivating the best version of oneself through a yoga and meditation practice can boost motivation. Moving and stretching in yoga, especially during forward folds and inversions, helps blood circulation. The combo makes us feel good all around!



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August 02, 2016 at 12:12 pm

Thank you for this article. I really like what you said about how yoga teaches you patience. I have been doing yoga for the last couple of weeks and it is really frustrating at times. You feel like you should be succeeding at more difficult poses, but you can’t. Thank you for the reality check!

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