Chicago Healthy City Guide


These are the best spots on the city’s health and wellness scene, vetted by local experts and influencers, enthusiastic boot camp and barre devotees, and Well+Good readers, who sent in their can’t-miss spots for consideration.

The result is an A-Z guide to over 150 of the hottest healthy places, like a gym so impeccable even the President can’t resist it, Pilates classes with jaw-dropping views of the skyline, and cold-pressed juices that are loaded with veggies—and character. It’s best of the best in one wellness place.

Get a taste for the guide below, and find the full Chicago Healthy City Guide here.

Chicago City Guide - club

East Bank Club

The Cartier of gyms, with two city blocks of hardcore workouts and seriously legit amenities. You may have heard that Obama shoots hoops here when he’s in town. Yes, it’s the city’s most luxe gym, but even non public figures can run laps on the quarter-mile indoor track, relax on the pool deck in the summer, or take classes like the Goddess Challenge, which uses fitness drills to improve your game (and confidence) in anything from yoga to the tennis court. Oh, an army of staff also stands ready to wash your car, cut your hair, even offer a flu shot after your sweat fest. Lounging in the spa-like locker room area and ordering edamame hummus at the Sun Deck Cafe make perfect cool-down activities. (Memberships from $135/month)

Chicago City Guide - pilates

Flex Pilates

A mashup of reformer Pilates and strength training that’ll leave you (very) sweaty. Why not get your sweat on inside a gorgeous, loft studio with sweeping views of the gorgeous Chicago skyline? (Fun fact: it used to be the old Schwinn bike factory.) That’s not the only reason even the southernmost Loop dwellers trek to River North for their Pilates classes, though. Owner and instructor Tracy Zindell offers exclusively reformer Pilates with a focus on the little things, like breath, posture, and balance. The moves are a mashup of classic Pilates and serious strength training…and your shirt will be soaked through by the end of fifty minutes. (Single Class is $40)

Chicago City Guide - raw food

Karyn’s Raw

A raw food luminary’s casual spot with an epic dessert menu. Chicago’s raw food pioneer and cleanse queen Karyn Calabrese proved she can vegan-ify anycuisine—and maybe make it even better than the original. Case in point: Karyn’s Raw pad thai made with coconut noodles, lasagna, and a dessert menu with enough vegan ice cream flavors (including curry!) to put Ben and Jerry’s to shame.

Chicago City Guide - yoga

Moksha Yoga Center (River West)

A standard-setter and envelope-pusher on the city’s yoga scene. These three studios have a serious reputation for solid, if progressive, yoga classes. They’re owned by Chicago yoga luminary Daren Friesen, who’s studied with yogis from Shiva Rea to masters in India. Moksha tends to draw yogis with a regular practice, and classes lean toward the advanced, with styles that extend into the daring, like Intro to Fire Dance (yup, you read that right). (Single class is $18)


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