6 Powerful Yoga Moves to Get You Ready for Summer Solstice

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Solstice is the start of new beginnings, and with that – the mark of the summer season. Not only a seasonal shift, Solstice is also the longest day of the year, which is why it’s the perfect time to set your intentions and celebrate with something big. Each year in June, Athleta teams up with Times Square Alliance on Solstice in Times Square, an epic event where thousands come together to practice yoga. The sight of so many people posing together in unison is a beautiful display of humanity, and that inspiration is enough to take us through the summer feeling renewed and reconnected. It’s a powerful day.

This year on Sunday 6/21, we’re lucky to have some truly inspiring yogis guiding us through Solstice in Times Square  – especially Lauren Imparato of I.AM.YOU, a “360 degree lens for wellness based on yoga, nourishment, mindset and music” based in New York. She left a hectic career on Wall Street to create a place for people to come and nourish their bodies and sweat and stretch their anxious, overwhelmed minds. Lauren has taught for groups of thousands from Barcelona and Madrid to Panama and Cannes, and is thrilled to bring it back home to Times Square. “Getting to sweat and rock out together on this epic day in an epic location is a dream come true!”

Can’t make it to Times Square this Solstice? No worries. Lauren’s got you covered with some of her favorite poses to get us all in Solstice-ready shape.

Lauren 3
This pose is great for core & mental strength. Get down on all fours, making sure your shoulders are over your wrists. Engage your quads and push back through your heals. Bring your abdomen towards your spine. Look forward and down. And breathe!




Lauren 5
Side Plank
Great pose for obliques, back and arm muscles, as well as balance. Swivel onto one hand. Stack your feet and flex them. Lift the arm and look at your thumb. Breathe.





Lauren 2
Extended Side Plank
Love this to lengthen your hamstrings and inner thighs and test your desire to go for it. Grab the big toe of your top foot or anywhere along the leg. Lift the leg up and straighten it. Look up, breathe, and smile.  If you bail, don’t worry. It’s all about fun.




Lauren 4
High Lunge
Simple but energizing. Make sure your knee is above your ankle. Arms straight alongside your ears and back leg straight to open your hip flexor and strengthen the leg muscles. Breathe and hold.




Lauren 1
Love this one for elegance and strength. Hold the inner ankle or calf. Inhale lift the leg up. Exhale extend the opposite arm forward. Reach from big toe to middle finger. Breathe, be you, and go for it.




Lauren 6
For extra credit and to get your circulation and energy going – place your hands on floor shoulder distance apart. Lift one leg up. Take a small hop with your other leg. Let your feet meet in the air, or do it near a wall just in case. Have fun!




Lauren is wearing our Radiant Full Focus Bra and Kailua Luma Chaturanga Capris

From coast to coast, we’ve got 3 ways to get involved in this year’s Solstice yoga celebrations. Get the 411 at athleta.com/solstice.

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