Year of the Horse Energy: 5 Tips to Rein It In

Colleen Cannon 2014 is the Year of the Horse in Chinese Astrology, which sounds like fun, right? Beware, because Year of the Horse energy has the tendency to take you galloping frantically in all directions. Combined with springtime energy, when all of nature is budding with new life, these two energies can make you feel out of control, rushed, irritated and crazy — or like you are going full throttle without any gas. Sound familiar?

Don’t worry, because I have five easy tips to help you rein in this energy. I have been around and learned from horses my whole life, in combination with being a professional triathlete, so I have come up with ways to harness intensity and to use it (not lose it) whether you’re riding a horse or riding through life.

1) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. First of all, nurture your own energy by eating well and getting plenty of rest. In the springtime it is especially good to eat lots of greens, drink some dandelion or milk thistle tea, and take plenty of time to slow down and chew your food. I also like to add a little bit of fermented food at each meal to help with the digestion during fast-paced times.

2) CENTER AND CALM YOUR MIND. Horses can tell when you are nervous since it makes them feel insecure and go even faster. Take control of your frantic energy first thing in the morning, before you join in the fast-paced race, by taking five minutes to breathe and start your day in a calm and positive way. Then throughout your day do one-minute breathing meditations for instant revival. It will bring you back to you and help you become PRESENT. The one thing I have learned from riding horses, or even surfing, is that you must be present or else you may end up falling off. Since breathing is the BEST way to ease and ground your energy, here is a breathing technique to try:

  1. Follow your breath in and out. Once you have your rhythm going, try to inhale to a count of four and exhale to a count of four.
  2. Add to that: Inhale for four counts and hold for two counts at the top of the inhale, then exhale for four counts and hold for two counts at the bottom of the exhale. Do this for four to eight rounds.

Peaceful Valley of Horses

3) FOCUS. When you are riding a horse you want to ride with impulsion or forward motion and know where you want to go. Year of the Horse energy is no different, so take time to focus on where and what you want to put your energy into. Take time to find out what inspires you and head in that direction. Horse energy is looking for a leader so take control of the reins and guide this energy to fuel your dreams. HINT: If you don’t give your horse an idea, it may take you where it wants to go, which is typically back to the barn (or back into your rut).

4) ORGANIZE AND HARMONIZE. Start now by getting your closets, drawers, kitchen and office in order. Spring clean! This will free up space and energy so you don’t get overwhelmed when you find out that life has sped up and YOU HAVE NO TIME!!

5) DON’T PUSH. Horses are not so happy when you MAKE them do what you want. You can’t force things this year, but you can soften and allow the horse energy to come to you and help you. Stay positive and uplifted, even when the horse is taking you running in the wrong direction.

Remember: This is your ride and you have the choice to have fun, be happy and enjoy it. Or get bucked off. So take the time to gather your forces for the ride of your life. Get a good saddle (or cute outfits), look ahead, duck for low hanging branches and hang on. YEE HAW!

Women's Quest

Colleen Cannon has been riding horses her whole life and is Founder and Chief Inspiration Office of Women’s Quest Adventure Retreats for women. Prior to staring Women’s Quest, Colleen was a professional Triathlete with over 50 careers wins including one-time World Champion and three-times US Champion. Her new passion is learning from her surfboard.

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March 29, 2014 at 10:10 pm

Very insightful, Colleen! The Horse is definitely in play this year, for me…and I remember riding adventures when I was not the one in charge

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