10 Partner Workouts

With February being the “month of love,” why not show yourself some love and bring a friend along for the ride (actually, it’s best if you can find a friend for this particular workout), for this fun 30 minute partner workout! There’s no equipment involved, and minimal space needed.

I did this workout with two of my boot camp classes and the feedback was, “That was different, and FUN!”

For a little variety in your workout routine, and to keep your partner on track with his/ her workout commitment, feel free to do this workout Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and use Tuesday/Thursday as pure cardio days. On Saturday, the warm up and partnered portion can be done two times through to turn this 30 minute workout into a one hour workout. Sunday can be a rest day.

So grab a friend and have fun!


Warm Up:
2 minutes: Jog in place or lap run.
30 seconds: Jumping jacks. Single or side step jacks.
30 seconds: Mountain climbers.
30 seconds: High knee march or jog in place.
30 seconds: Butt kicks march or jog in place.
15 seconds: Arm circles forward.
15 seconds: Arm circles backward.
30 seconds: Mummy kicks.

Do each workout for 2 minutes, after 1 minute switch positions.

Cool Down:
Stretch for 4 minutes.


Plank with Step Over

Sandy Sanders - Plank Step

  • Partner 1: Hold the high plank (wheelbarrow position) or forearm plank position
  • Partner 2: Step over Partner 1’s legs.

Challenge: Jump over Partner 1’s legs upon landing go into either a squat position, or go right into a burpee.

Wheelbarrow Squats

Sandy Sanders - Wheelbarrow Squat

  • Partner 1: Hold the high plank/wheelbarrow position.
  • Partner 2: Hold Partner 1’s legs, squat, and stand — which forces Partner 1 to do push-ups.

Tip: Keep feet shoulder width apart and turned slightly outwards. Squat straight down and never bend forward at the waist. Your upper body should be upright.


Sandy Sanders - Under Over

  • Partner 1: Place hands and feet on the floor in the downward dog position.
  • Partner 2: Low crawl beneath Partner 1’s downward dog.
  • Partner 1: Lower to either high plank or low push-up plank position.
  • Partner 2: Step or jump over Partner 1’s legs.

Challenge: Jump over Partner 1’s legs upon landing. Go into either a squat position or go right into a burpee.

Squats with Alternating Crescent Kick

Sandy Sanders - Squat Alt Crescent Kicks

  • Partner 1: Squat with both arms extended outward.
  • Parter 2: Crescent kick right foot to right side over Partner 1’s outstretched arms.
  • Partner 1: Stand then squat down with both arms extended outward.
  • Partner 2: Crescent kick left foot to left side over Partner 1’s outstretched arms.

Partner Pull-ups

Sandy Sanders - Partner Pull-Up

  • Partner 1: Lay on back with knees bent and feet flat on floor.
  • Partner 2: Extend right hand to Partner 1’s left hand. Both partners hold on by grabbing forearms and locking hold. Partner 2 continues to lift Partner 1 up to a standing position, and back down to a laying position continuously for 30 secs, then switch arms being gripped and continue single partner pull-up and lower.

Challenge: Use single hands only and Partner 1 does not use their free hand to push off from floor.

Roll-up High 10

Sandy Sanders - Roll Up High 10

  • Partner 1 : Lay back with feet in the air and roll into a standing position to “high 10” (high 5 with both hands at the same time) Partner 2.
  • Partner 2: Stand with feet shoulder width apart in semi-squat position.

Challenge: Partner 1 does not use hands to push off from the floor to come to a standing position

Lateral Push-up with Leap Frogs

Sandy Sanders - Lateral Leap Frog

  • Partner 1: Go down into low push-up position.
  • Partner 2: Step or jump over Partner 1’s legs, then immediately go into low plank/push-up position and wait for Partner 1 to jump/step over Partner 2.
  • Partner 1: Raise into high plank/push-up position, then stand and step/ jump over Partner 2’s legs. Immediately go into low plank/push-up position, and wait for Partner 2 to jump/step over Partner 1.
  • Repeat lateral leap.

Tricep Dips with Step or Jump Over and Step Back

Sandy Sanders - Tricep step over step back

  • Partner 1: Both hands flat on the floor, shoulder width apart, fingers resting forward. One leg extended straight and forward. Bend both elbows at the same time into tricep dip.
  • Partner 2: Step or jump over extended leg.
  • Partner 1: Straighten both elbows, then bend both elbows at the same time into tricep dip.
  • Partner 2: Step or jump back over extended leg. Repeat with same leg extended for 30 seconds, then Partner 1 extends other leg and continues dips for 30 more seconds.

Scissor Open-Close with Step or Jump Over

Sandy Sanders - Scissors Open Close Step Over

  • Partner 1: Lay on back with hands on floor at sides or beneath bottom. Head and feet lifted 6 inches from floor. Scissor open legs and hold.
  • Partner 2: Step or jump over each of Partner 1’s legs.
  • Partner 1: Closes legs, keeping head and feet raised 6 inches from floor.
  • Partner 2: Step or jump over Partner 1’s closed legs.

Push-up With Cross High Fives
Sandy Sanders - Push Up with Cross High 5

  • Both partners face each other and synchronize push-ups. Upon each up, partners hold high plank position and high five opposite hand to opposite hand, both right and left. Repeat push up.


February 07, 2014 at 7:10 pm

Very fun Sandy! Well done. Love, love, LOVE IT!

Sandy S

February 07, 2014 at 9:02 pm

Kelley, yeah!!! Glad you loved this one! My classes had a BLAST doing it. 🙂 If you’re in the Baltimore, MD area, I’ll be leading a LIVE, partnered workout class in Athleta’s Towson store, Sat 15 Feb starting at 4 pm. (The store will also feature some other fun going’s on that day, including a fabulous 9 am workout by another instructor!!)


February 08, 2014 at 4:56 am

LOVE this! Can’t wait to do it with my husband:) Thanks Sandy.

Sandy S

February 08, 2014 at 6:36 am

Jenn, yea, glad you love it too!! It really is a FUN workout to do with a friend. Haha just wait until you and your hubby do the high 5s/ and high 10s exercises. Add cues like “way to go!” and “you’re awesome” — or whatever phrase you want to throw in there, and I DARE you guys not to laugh. have fun and you’re quite welcome! 😀


February 15, 2014 at 5:42 pm

Hey Sandy, great contribution / addition for a fun and tough workout!

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