What Does Yoga Mean to Me?

Yoga is more than a powerful physical exercise to stimulate the flow of energy within the body.

I think a short practice of yoga resembles the sun rising over the horizon, it opens up a new dawn of life for both nature and mankind.

The subtle energy of the breath of life enable this “inner energy” to wipe out the darkness of fear, then brightens our mind and body.

To face the dawn, as we breathe, we experience the beauty of nature stir within us, as we become in touch with this inner energy and the wonder of the life around us as it flows into the whole universe.


As we open the door and like the dawn welcomes the rays of the sun, it reveals the purity of a new day and the wonder of knowing that this power behind every thought or action makes us aware that nothing is impossible™.

Experience has taught me that it illuminates the inner self, like the rays of the sun draws from the earth, the food of life and makes it blossom. Yoga moves us from the dark corridors to open up the passage of life within us.

It is more than a meditative journey arising from the network of the chakras to another level of consciousness. As I have tried the sutras of my life, I recognize with each moment of research of who I am. Words never describe the deep oneness which I am searching to attain. The breath of the infinite power which reigns in us or over us, neti, neti, neither this nor that, has the answer.

One has to move past the brain and physical body that we think is meditation, then only the luminous light like a flash will transcend us into the subconscious level. Even as I watch the inner film of my life, the answer still eludes me. Still my thoughts are clogged, with what I assume mentally is the inner reality, ”Samadhi.”

Why cannot I reach this sacred place in my journey of life? As I breathe the breath of eternal life, surely the creator within me can furnish the answer.

Suddenly a glow fills my being, taking me away from the mental world and the music of the soul floods my mind, carrying me past the steps of the chakras I had tried to climb.

As the music becomes a tingling silence, the wonder of the breath of life carries me like a shooting star beyond the physical and mental visuality and I am at one with the whole universe. Yet with a flash it is gone.

Yoga is the route that brings this that lies dormant within us, the emblem which chases away any fears or negative omens which often bind us. It prevents us from procrastinations that mar our living the power within, and it allows us to fulfill our dreams.

My journey to experience the eternal, may only be fleeting, never to be realized, but I am convinced that yoga, the breath of the creator, helps me open the door to help others reach this wonder of life.

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September 28, 2013 at 4:36 pm

A beautiful piece and an admirable bio :). Thanks for sharing!

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