#ShareYourOm for Yoga Month (Week 3)

09-20-13 Athleta ShareYourOM Collage

Happy National Yoga Month! Yoginis from all around the country are sharing their favorite pose, snapping a photo and writing a few words about why they love yoga with the hashtag #ShareYourOM. Every Friday this month, we’ll be showing you a few of our favorites here to inspire yogis like you.

Here’s what this week’s featured yogis had to say about their love for yoga…

@kristinesummers says: “I love that yoga helps create and cultivate space in all areas of my life. It clears my mind and body so that I can continue to refine through focus, concentration, contemplation, determination, and compassion. I love that yoga can be for every and any body. All you need is breath.”

@cyu888 says: “Yoga reminds me to breathe. It keeps me grounded and reminds me of my inner strength.”

@SavvySoulYoga says: “Yoga brings me peace, courage, and allows me to share the gift of this sweet life with others.”

@sfy2212 says: “Because six months ago I couldn’t do this!”

@stacynic77 says: “Finding solace in the life of a busy mom.”

@selongfield says: “It always seems impossible until its done.”

@superwomankw says: “Yoga helps me stay fit for marathon miles.”

@ikinikini says: “There are so many things to do and places to go. Yoga reminds me to do what I love, be happy, and take the risk of adventure.”

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