5 New Things for Summer (Plus a Giveaway!)

SEPTEMBER 5th UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who contributed by sharing your ideas for an action and adventure-packed summer! Entries closed at midnight Pacific Time on August 31st.

We’re excited to announce the five random winners who will receive a $50 Athleta gift card — Erica, Nicole, Aimee, Amy, and Lisa. All winners have been contacted via email. CONGRATULATIONS ladies!

♥ Team Athleta

Our Fall Collection arrived online and in stores this week. For Team Athleta, the shift of retail seasons is a reminder that, before we know it, summer will be over. To keep ourselves in the moment, we’re putting out this challenge: Do at least 5 new things before the Fall Equinox on September 22nd.

Check out our gallery of summer to-do ideas below, and learn how you can contribute to the fun for a chance to win an Athleta gift card!

What'SUP? | Stand up paddleboarding has gone mainstream, so there are tons of places you can rent a board for a day of fun. Hit the waves, lake, river, or even a pool and discover this surprisingly accessible sport. If you're brave, try some SUPilates or SUP Yoga!
Obstacle Fun
Obstacle Fun | Sign up for a race that involves running and obstacles. Color runs, mud runs and even zombie runs appeal to a diverse group of participants, from serious competitors to anyone out to have fun and get moving.
MoonClimb | OK, not literally, but imagine that with every step you took you got closer to the moon. Would it inspire you to take extra steps or climb the stairs rather than take the elevator? Join a virtual community of people stepping their way to the moon.
Blue Sky Yoga
Blue Sky Yoga | When was the last time you took your our yoga mat outside? Find an outdoor class in your area (like this one at Bryant Park in New York City) or pick a tutorial from our library and head to the blue sky studio for a plein air practice.
Rock Out
Rock Out | Grab a friend and go take a rock climbing lesson outside. Your local sporting goods store may offer classes, or know someone who does. Scared of heights? Try bouldering instead and get the same rush closer to the ground.

Share your ideas for a chance to win an Athleta gift card!

In the comments below, offer up some summer must-dos for our movement-minded community to consider. One entry per person, but list as many ideas as you can think of in your entry. On September 1st, we’ll select 5 random comments from entries received by midnight Pacific Time on August 31st to receive a $50 Athleta gift card as a “thank you” for sharing your ideas. Read the Official Rules »


  1. Sarah Brooks says:

    Going kayaking in the river or ocean is a great way to get cooled off! Star gazing is great right now, the Perseid meteor showers happen every August, so if you live in a populated area take a hike to a place without light pollution and see some shooting stars! If you have kids (or even if you don’t!) geocaching is a fun way to get outside and look for treasure with your GPS. Check out geocaching.com.

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  2. Sarah says:

    Here are some things I’ve tried so far this summer that I would HIGHLY recommend:
    1) Indoor rock-climbing- I was a great workout and provided a great challenge for me
    2) Mountain biking on trails – I found some great trails and a bike park near my house that have proved to be both challenging and exhilarating
    3) Sign up for a sprint triathlon – I signed up for my first (very nervewracking!)
    4) Swimming in the lake – especially a great view around the time of sunrise/sunset
    5) Cycling class – incredibly hard workout, but it was actually kind of fun with the loud music and an encouraging trainer
    6) Water Tabata – a class at my local Y that is a fun workout!
    7) The next things on my list are water skiiing and whitewater rafting :)

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  3. Shawna says:

    This sounds ridiculous, but river snorkeling & lead weight recovery is my new favorite hobby. While currents are always something to be cautious of, late summer water levels are usually low and slow especially if you carefully select shores of river straightaways or the outer edge of a river bend. All you need now is a cheap mask, a snorkel, some thick gloves and a mesh bag!

    Swimming in a river is awesome all on its own, but swimming and snorkeling with a purpose makes it funner. Fishermen’s lost lead weights look delicious to loons and other waterbirds, but their appetite eventually gives them lead poisoning. That’s where your treasure hunting comes in – kick into the current while you scavenge for those little weights and then dispose of them properly at your region’s hazardous waste disposal. MAKE SURE YOU WEAR THICK GLOVES so you won’t need to worry about wayward hooks! There’s nothing more exciting than surfacing after a little lead recovery workout to find you’re swimming alongside the same waterbirds you’re trying to help!

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  4. Roberta Sanders says:

    Here are a few ideas…
    1. Run a 5k
    2. Try a triathlon
    3. Hike local trails near your vacation spot
    4. Disc golf game with friends
    5. Try an outdoor yoga class
    6. Try an adult gymnastics class, but have ice and Advil ready
    7. Rock climb or boulder outdoors
    8. Try an organized bike ride. They usually have pit stops with food and water.
    9. Go canoeing
    10. Try white-water rafting
    11. Hike a mountain and zip-line down. We did this near Lake Atítlan in Guatemala. The hike over waterfalls and the views on the way down were so cool!
    12. Teach swim lessons to young kids. It’s a great workout.
    13. Waterski and tube behind a jet boat on a lake
    14. Try out a cross fit session
    15. Wanna get out of the heat? Try a spinning class indoors.
    16. Teach a gymnastics class to young kids. You’ll burn calories and tone muscle lifting and chasing them around. Plus you get to be in the A/C.
    17. Join a recreational softball or sand volleyball league.
    18. Go camping. Just setting up a tent is a workout.
    19. Swim indoors or out
    20. Try surfing or just body surfing
    21. Play roller hockey
    22. Rollerblade around a lake
    23. Go birding
    24. Cliff jump and rope swing in a beautiful river
    25. Go caving
    26. Plant Nd cultivate a garden

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  5. Kathie says:

    Items on my summer “bucket list”
    -mountain biking on some of our great state park trails
    -yoga in the park
    -a 5K with my daughter (her first)!
    -live life; have an awesome time!

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  6. Sarah says:

    This summer? Hmmm. Well,
    *if you haven’t done it yet, run a 5k. It’s fun and gives you just a taste of what the running world is like. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, you’re in once you do it.
    *Go skinny dipping. I did it for the first time this summer. Yeah, I’m a mom who’s never skinny dipped! And it felt so liberating!
    *Go for a ride in a hot air balloon. Haven’t done it yet, but want to do it at the balloon festival in September here. It’s on my list of things to do…
    *Go grilling in a park by a lake. So relaxing!
    *Go for a run at night when the kids are asleep and your honey is sitting on the couch. Have some “me” time. Just don’t forget the pepper spray and reflectors!
    *Go rollerskating. A great past time, and just as fun as when you were a kid. While you’re at it, you’ll feel those outer thighs burn.
    *Check out a Farmer’s Market. Healthy natural foods at your fingertips. And prety inexpensive too!
    *Take your bike and go get groceries with it. Holly homemaker, here we come! A mommy who can grocery shop and exercise all at the same time…
    *Try out at least one trail run. It uses other muscles than hitting the pavement.

    And have fun! Don’t think you’re too old or busy to try new things because new things mean a newer and fresher you!!!! :-)

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  7. Fall is here and I haven’t even come close to completing my TO DO LIST of great things.
    But here are some I will attempt to do before September 22, 2013 , my favorite time of year, FALL!!
    1) Hike a trail with my husband
    2) RIDE my bike to work ( 11 miles one way)
    3) Go backpacking over Labor Day Holiday
    4) RUN- start training for my first 1/2 marathon on November 10th
    5) Go to Yoga at Athleta store in Roseville, CA
    ( my last chance tomorrow 8/16, since school starts on Tuesday. Back to work I go, teaching my amazing Kindergarteners.

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  8. Tiffany Yu says:

    1. Finding balance with SUP yoga
    2. Conquering new heights while rock climbing
    3. Feeling the ocean breeze with a beach run
    4. Hike some new trails
    5. Bike ride to the beach with some treats along the way
    6. Run on a new route or trail
    7. Swim in the ocean
    8. Triathlon workout in one day. Run. Bike. Swim.
    9. Rollerblade to a farmers market
    10. Go for a night run decked out in glow sticks
    11. Try a new class at the gym
    12. Go on your farthest run yet

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  9. Stefanie R says:

    I LOVE going out on my SUP, and I purchase rentals for friends and family as often as I can so I can get others as hooked as I am. My other outdoors fun in the summer includes Mountain Biking on trails, running trails, road cycling (another new one for me), hiking, beach strolls, attempting to surf, and frolicking in the surf when I can get to the beach.

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  10. Susan G says:

    Things to try:
    1. Arial Yoga
    2. Dancing in the Park Classes
    3. Boot Camp with your dog!
    4. Biking early in the morning
    5. Log rolling

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  11. Julie says:

    Here are some things on my list:
    Learning the Texas Two Step
    “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” -Anais Nin

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  12. Amy Gorton says:

    Step out of your comfort zone – sign up for a triathlon or running race.
    Learn how to sail.
    Find a local cycling, running or triathlon club and join in on their workouts.

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  13. Erin A says:

    SUP Yoga
    Kayaking with the kids
    Boot camp
    Run on the beach
    Rock climbing lessons at a gym

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  14. I already do a lot of run/cycle/yoga things on a regular basis… but here’s NEW ideas that I’d like to try…
    rock wall climbing
    salsa dancing
    hike Starved Rock

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  15. Nicole M says:

    Just moved back to the desert southwest! Love it in southeastern Arizona. So my list includes
    -Hiking in the Mountain.
    -Cycling around town.
    -Canoe on the the lake.
    -Bird watching along the river (we are in the hummingbird capital)
    -and my favorite! an OCR or us run.

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  16. Shelby Triglianos says:

    Save gas!
    Grab a bike and try out commuting, touring, or just running errands. It saves gas and gets you moving.
    Kayaks and canoes are great ways to get places instead of jumping on your boat, plan an afternoon excursion, find a place to picnic and swim. It’s a great way to spend a day with friends

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  17. Janice Kennedy says:

    1. SUP
    2. Yoga in the park
    3. Go hiking with family
    4. Run on the beach
    5. Go kayaking
    6. White water rafting
    6. Zip lining

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  18. Kristi says:

    We plan to take intro to outdoor rock climbing in September – great way to transition over from indoor climbing (and hopefully a lot of fun!).

    Also kayaking would be a great way to enjoy the rest of summer!

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  19. Jenny Coates says:

    Our must-do list in Burlington, Vermont includes: kayaking, Paddleboarding, hiking the beautiful mountains and I can’t forget a nice relaxing run. Anything where we can have fun and enjoy nature as well as exercise is a perfect combination! If we can bring our two year old daughter along that is great too!! We can do a swim in the lake and local berry picking too!!

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  20. 1) HOT yoga – I got a groupon for it recently!
    2) Cross Fit- you don’t have to go to an actual CF place; look up a workout of the day online and give it a try!
    3) Running naked – no devices, no tracking of pace, time or distance. Remember your love of the sport!
    4) Sign up for a race of any kind
    5) start a training journal

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  21. Kieri says:

    Go Canoeing, if kayaking isn’t your thing. I saw that a lot of people suggested it. Hike a new mountain, maybe one you have to drive to.

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  22. Erica says:

    So many good ones already posted! How about —
    Support someone who is following her dreams–go to a yoga class taught by someone who just finished teacher training or attend new class that hasn’t been established yet. Invite all your friends.
    Make a meal from all local produce bought from your farmer’s market.
    Go for a long evening walk with your loved ones as often as possible before the days get short again–don’t forget the dog!
    Hike. SUP. Kayak. Run. Invite someone you’d like to get to know better to come along.
    Go on a date with your partner.
    Wear lots of sun dresses–and sunscreen!
    Start a meditation practice.
    Read a good book.

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  23. Jaime says:

    So far this summer I have tried many new things! Spin class, an exercise class on a giant trampoline, a mud run, taking my kids for a run with me. Next up is volunteering at a 5K, a water-themed race, a Spartan! Also need to do more hiking with my kids for sure!

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  24. Lisa Grigg says:

    Make a commitment to do at least 1 active thing with your kids each day. Try hiking, swimming in the lake, or a bike ride or even something simple like dancing around to music or playing in the rain. Shake off those end of summer blahs and keep connected with each other as the hectic school year begins. Get moving!

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  25. Kelli says:

    I’m doing an intro class in Aerial Circus Silks. Basically I will dangling gracefully (or most likely clinging clumsily) to two pieces of fabric that hang from a single point on the ceiling. It’s something I’d never heard of or imagined doing before, but I can’t pass up the adventure and chance to try something new!

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  26. Debbie H says:

    Now that the kids are back in school, I have a little more flexibility to focus on me. Before summer is over I want to:
    1. Do a mud run!
    2. Check out a Color run, with a group of girlfriends :)
    3. Find a yoga studio fit (and try new classes)
    4. Try SUP
    5. Waterski!!!!
    6. Walk the dog along the lakeshore & see what he discovers
    7. Hike the Prairie.
    8. Follow a trail all the way to the end.
    9. Dance in the rain, or under the stars.
    10. Be mindful of how much fun movement is

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  27. Bree says:

    My bucket list includes:
    Beach kayaking
    Join a women’s softball team
    Dance lessons
    Nightly swim at the Y

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  28. Stephanie P says:

    Here’s some random thoughts:

    1. Try skydiving! It doesn’t really require athleticism, but if you’re looking for something new and exhilarating, it’s the mother lode.

    2. Sign up for an event that will challenge you. If you’re a runner, try a sprint triathlon. If you’re a runner who needs a new challenge, sign up for a longer distance than you’ve done before. Or how about one of those challenge events (like Tough Mudder or similar)? Look for something new.

    3. Try a bootcamp class. This is one of my regular workouts, but no two are ever the same; there are new ways to challenge your body and push yourself every time.

    4. Give yourself the gift of slowing down after all those workouts with some restorative stretching. The older you get, the more you need it, but if you’re smart, you’ll start early (I had to learn this lesson the hard way, which is why this is a new challenge for me).

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  29. Esther says:

    So today is Aug 16, which gives me a little more than a month before the Fall Equinox. A month isn’t enough time to make major goals, but it is just enough time to get in some short term meaningful ones. This is what I came up with!
    1. PR for 5K Race on Sept 7th
    2. Make a photobook/coffee table book with all the pictures of the last year I spent traveling in SE Asia. I would hate for all those memories to fade away.
    3. Trail running–something I’m interested in, but never have gotten around to really doing. I’m much more of a city runner.
    4. Pick out a marathon and start a training program. I’ve run a few halfs and trained for a full, but unfortunately due to bad weather was forced to stop running at mile 22 on race day. I want to finish a full this year!
    5. Start/Organize some type of supper club or book club. Community is important!
    6. Eat what’s in season and local.

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  30. Claire says:

    1) Walk
    2) Run with your kids
    3) BoxYoga
    4) kayak

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  31. Juliann says:

    I’m taking my first trip to Hawaii next week and I’ll get to try my hand at so many new activities and enjoy old favorites in a new setting.
    1. Surfing lessons!
    2. Ziplining
    3. Hiking to a waterfall & enjoying the lush surroundings.
    4. Run along the beach
    5. Enjoy the sunrise over the ocean
    6. Eat delicious local foods. I’m looking at you seafood & tropical fruits.

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  32. 1. Kick Boxing
    2. Streaking (not naked). I just completed a 40 day streak of running every day.
    3. Cycling on a trail.
    4. Journaling or blogging about your exercising/sport.
    5. Eat locally and seasonally.
    6. Scrapbook your adventures.
    7. Make new friends in your exercising/sport.
    8. Try a new venue. I’m doing a Shape Diva Dash in September.
    9. Try to become an ambassador for your sport.
    10. Have fun! :)

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  33. Dawn says:

    1. SUP yoga with girlfriends
    2. Hike a portion of the Colorado Trail
    3. Open water swim in a reservoir
    4. Sit and listen to an audio book and do nothing else (no multitasking)
    5. Journal
    6. Morning workouts, even if that means just 10 minutes of movement on days more sleep is needed
    7. Read other’s lists and get inspiration and be an inspiration!!

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  34. Susan says:

    1.Get out and hike
    2. Continue weight loss program to lose 50 more pounds (already lost 40)
    3. Go Birding
    4. Try a new class at the gym.
    5. De-stress

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  35. Jennifer says:

    If you’re in NYC, try Summer Streets (http://www.nyc.gov/html/dot/summerstreets/html/home/home.shtml ) – 3 Saturdays every summer – last one is Aug.17th! I’ve never been and plan to go tomorrow! :)

    Plan a rooftop movie with anyone who has access to a roof (and a projector), the weather is incredible right now.

    Try a boot camp.. and pick a merciless instructor… ;)

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  36. Jennifer says:

    1. SUP
    2.Women’s Only Cycling Event (Cycle the Wave)
    3. Yoga outside
    4. Hike in the Mountains
    5. Slacklining

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  37. Robin Stillson says:

    5 new things:

    1. Go to yoga on a regular basis
    2. Make a new friend and call an old friend
    3. Move to a new city
    4. Start juicing
    5. Read more for pleasure

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  38. Molly says:

    My favorite summer activity, which will also carry me into winter, is a fat tire bike ride on the beach! Once it gets too chilly/windy to ride along the Michigan shoreline, I’ll head inland for rides in the snow on some favorite paved trails.

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  39. Donna says:

    Take your kids to a local historical site. Go back to where you grew up and tour your play areas by bike with your kids. Take your kids fishing. Go to the zoo one last time before winter. Ride your bike to get milk instead of drive. Clean your for an elderly nieghbor.
    Try a new class at the gym.

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  40. How about a session of Parkour aka Free Running aka Urban Gymnastics? That’ll make your heart pump, and you muscles sore like not much else ;-)

    Pole dancing is another great workout, especially for the core!

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  41. Molly says:

    Some of the new adventures on my end-of-summer list:
    1. Do Yoga on the Rocks at Red Rocks Amphitheater
    2. Pick wild raspberries and gooseberries
    3. Walk a really long way. I would like to do a walk that I typically drive, so I can get the new perspective of traveling to the same location on foot.
    4. Go camping (a first for me!)
    5. Travel by train
    6. Explore a city by foot, then draw a perception map (trying to map the city based on what it seemed like to me, and not by looking at a real map)
    7. Try 5 new and exotic foods I’ve never had before. Perhaps I will go to an ethnic grocery store for ideas!
    8. Learn to identify some local trees and wildflowers, then teach the names to someone else when we’re hiking together.
    9. Live car-free for a week
    10. Go on a listening hike

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  42. 1) Play sand volleyball
    2) Windsurfing
    3) Kiteboarding
    4) Surfing surfing
    5) Body boarding
    6) Build a sandcastle
    7) Organize a kid 3k
    8) Stargaze
    9) Do a starlight canoe or kayak
    10) Run hills – a lot of them

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  43. Amanda says:

    So far this summer I have had a PR on a 5K (Athleta Esprit de She!) and done my favorite workout – barre classes. I highly recommend them! Next up, hike the trail near my house and try a bootcamp class.

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  44. Leilani says:

    Ride my bike in the park, walk the dog a bit further, do Tai Chi in the park, hike in the mountains on the weekends, swim, run/walk a 5k and jump rope!

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  45. Julie Orta says:

    1. Hiking
    2. Parkour
    3. SUP
    4. Indoor rock climbing
    5. Kayaking
    6. Outrigger paddling
    7. Take a spin class
    8. Start swimming regularly
    9. Try every yoga studio within 10 miles of home
    10. Make new friends

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  46. Michele says:

    Summer must-do’s:

    1) Get out in the sunshine
    2) Get out in the water
    3) Get out in the fresh air
    4) Get out of your house
    5) Do anything that makes you happy

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  47. Melissa Dehne says:

    What a great idea to have suggestions from others! I love it! Some of my ideas are: rent a paddle board at a local lake or river, attend a sport practice with your child (if they okay the idea first!), find a new area to hike and hit the trails, find local rummage sales and google map your way around town on foot to hit the sales, and have a neighborhood kick ball tournament!

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  48. Lynn D. says:

    For me, I’d like to explore local areas with a hiking group, go on brisk walks around our neighborhood or a local park picking up any trash I find along the way, try paddle boarding, attempt a triathlon, and try a crossfit class.

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  49. Laurie says:

    * Run a 5K with my son
    *Go for a run on the Beach
    * Swim in the ocean
    *Hike local trails while on vacation with family
    *Try a crossfit session

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  50. Amanda says:

    I’m focused on a few goals:
    - Set a PR for my October 10K
    - Explore more adventurous hiking trails
    - Master a perfect pushup

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  51. Katie H says:

    Backpacking! Heading up to Rocky Mountain National Park for the weekend :)

    Other ideas include signing up for a race, biking on trails, hiking, going to a local farmers market, rock climbing and hiking a 14er!

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  52. Jeni K says:

    Dance on the beach
    Yoga on the mountain/bluff/hill
    Kayak in a new location
    Family scavenger hike
    Water polo
    Family Mini tri

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  53. Betsy says:

    Take a belly dancing class
    Take a Bollywood dance class
    Play Beach Volleyball
    Find a new path to walk with hills and views
    Wake Surf
    Do one new exercise a week!

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  54. Jamie Jacobson says:

    Go on a “naked” run. Okay, by naked I mean just you ( fully dressed) and the road. No music, phone or gps watch.

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  55. Jackie says:

    Camp out in your backyard!
    Have your girlfriends over for a slumber party!
    Pay a compliment to everyone you meet!
    Paint a picture of something you love!
    Call that old friend you haven’t spoke to in a long time!
    These are 5 new things you can do before the Summer ends!

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  56. MaryLouise Torres says:

    1) Take a yoga class. I started up again and will stay with it this time. It cleanses the mind and the body.
    2) Meditate. I’m doing a meditation challenge online. I have a couple of meditation apps on my phone. The best thing to do is meditate in nature.
    3) Get out!!! Go explore your city, town or neighborhood. At this time of year there are block parties, festival, fairs and other events with activities going on.
    4) Take a class!!! And I don’t mean an exercise class. Online or physically going to a class. Learn a new language, take a writing class, expand your knowledge on something. Your mind needs to be exercised just as much as your body. You will meet new people, make new connections and enjoy yourself. Even online, you can hook up with a community of people who are interested in learning the same thing!!! And who knows, you may be able to meet in person as well.
    5) Plan separate time with your husband, kids, friends and family members. Have a special day with each doing something you love. Then, get everyone together for one special end of summer party!!! Because school starts for the kids and soccer/football/dance/Scouts/etc. and all the time you had during the summer is going to be that much more precious.

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  57. Jennifer Reilly says:

    Take your kids outside and create an obstacle course/boot camp- do it with them!
    Stand up paddleboarding- must try before summer ends!
    Track workout- make it easy- sprint the straightaways, jog the curves- or make it harder! You pick!
    Insanity!!!! Going to try next week- did the fit test yesterday- I am sore today!
    Bike trail with the kids

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  58. Claire says:

    There’s a park near my workplace that has a trapeze set up and teaches classes. I’ve been meaning to try it for months. Someone else mentioned adult gymnastic classes, and I bet a lot of places have circus-themed skill classes that would be a fun alternative to the gym.

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  59. Explore local, state and national parks. The US has some amazing places to discover and explore. Our family had an amazing trip to the Grand Canyon (north and south rim) a few years ago.

    Set a goal that scares you and start on a plan to get there!

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  60. Laura says:

    1) Agility training with my dog
    2) Run the Electric Run and the Ice Cream Run
    3) Celebrate my anniversary at Disneyland
    4) Take Ballroom Dance lessons
    5) Train for the Dopey Challenge

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  61. Emily P says:

    I have been all about trying new things this year, especially this summer!

    In addition to my collection of outdoor activities (run, bike, kayak), I’ve added in new group exercise classes. I would recommend trying out:

    + a barre workout
    + a hot yoga class
    + a restorative yoga class
    + a spin class
    + a zumba class
    + a learn to ice skate class
    + a new time for your workout (5am? 8pm?)

    But if you’re still partial to your outdoor adventures, try:

    + visiting all your city/state parks
    + signing up for an obstacle race
    + signing up for an Esprit de She duathlon/triathlon
    + volunteering with a group like Girls on the Run
    + getting some friends together for pickup soccer/softball/basketball

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  62. Elena says:

    So many things!!!
    Triathlons – there are super sprints for the first timers.
    Hike a new trail.
    Rafting (or floating)
    Urban hiking in a new neighborhood.
    Berry picking
    SUP yoga

    Just to name a few. :-)

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  63. Andrea Cheung says:

    - Try adult ballet intensive summer camp
    - Run the San Francisco Marathon to catch the gorgeous views of the city from Golden Gate Bridge
    - Sunrise runs on the trails at local county park
    - Hiking at dawn or dusk to see the many wildlife
    - Try yoga or pilates on SUP
    - Go kayaking in the ocean or lake
    - Ride bike to run errands
    - Interval runs trying to keep up with my kids on their bikes

    Did all those this summer and loving life!

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  64. 1. Rollerblading….bike paths are nice!
    2. Boot camp on the beach
    3. Yoga on the beach
    4. Power walk/ Jog/ Run along the beach
    5. Enter a 5k road race
    6. Walking your dog, or a neighbors/ friends dog if you don’t have your own
    7. Go for a hike…most states/ towns have local trails many people don’t even know about!
    8. Swimming- treading water is a great workout and burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time!
    9. Creating a workout out of your local parks swing set equipment- pull ups, jumping jacks, push ups, etc.- a workout outdoors in the Sunshine promotes a more positive mood.
    10. Tandem kayaking with a pal

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  65. Jen says:

    1) SUP
    2) Try a treetop/zip lining adventure course
    3) Moonlight kayaking
    4) Another mud run
    5) Continue trail running
    6) Read a good book while resting from all of the above

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  66. Ali Rheaume says:

    Climb Mount Washington!!!! I did it this summer and enjoyed every minute of it! Challenging and quite rewarding when it is done :)

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  67. Trailmomma says:

    I hate to see summer go but I am also excited for all the winter sports (snowboarding!!).

    1. Trail run (so easy on the joints and you feel like a kid again);
    2. Family Bike Ride;
    3. Try a bootcamp or crossfit class;
    4. TRX!!! (best workout ever);
    5. Stand Up Paddle Board;
    6. Try a new yoga class;
    7. Run/Bike an event – in a different state!;
    8. Go on a nature hike with your kids;
    9. Do an open water swim (so different than a pool);
    10. Do a triathlon (all girl races like the Athleta Iron Girl are great motivators);
    11. Mountain Biking;
    12. Have a tennis day with your spouse;
    13. Make an obstacle course with your kids (at a local park is great);
    14. Tent Camping/Back packing with the family;
    15. Volunteer for an event you have run in the past.

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  68. Shel says:

    1. outdoor qi gong
    2. gyrotonic or gyrokinesis class
    3. swimming in the ocean
    4. swimming at the lake
    4. hiking
    5. boot camp at the park

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  69. Dedi C says:

    Hmmm…September 22nd….my 12th wedding anniversary. What can I do before then?

    1) missed a beach trip so far this summer since kids are so caught up in baseball, so we are going to Aruba August 30th – new place for all of us
    2) sign up for a new event – have not done any events since half marathon last October, so I need to commit to something – Leap Peeper half on Oct 6th?
    3) join a pool for the winter – get some use out of my new Athleta suits!
    4) try a new hike – live near the AT, so maybe a new leg of that trail?
    5) just bought a new mountain bike, so need to break that in on some trails, maybe head to Maryland to try to Western Md Rail Trail with the family and get my daughter off her training wheels before that?

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  70. Melissa Kemm says:

    Number-one thing to do? Run a 5K with my dad :)

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  71. JenniferH says:

    For summer, I love to switch things up and get in the pool. I’m a runner, which means that being underwater means getting out of my element on dry land…but it pays off in spades to cross train (and get a great non-impact workout) during marathon training season. Plus, just got a super-cute Athleta suit for weekly laps. Nothing like cute clothing for that extra dash of motivation!

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  72. Aliza says:

    Here are some things I highly recommend for summer:
    - Do yoga outdoors.
    - Sleep outside in a place where you can’t hear cars or industrial noise (yes, this means backpacking!).
    - Cook a meal from scratch outdoors (no freeze-dried stuff). If you can, build a fire.
    - Eat food you grew in your own garden, even if that garden is in terracotta pots on a deck.
    - Gather wild fruit (like blackberries). Freeze or preserve some for winter to trigger your summer memories.
    - Swim outdoors, naked.
    - Take a hike in a beautiful place with no headset, no talk, for at least an hour or two.
    - Spend a day outdoors with NO screens (i.e., no phone, no iPad).
    - Hike barefoot. Truly barefoot, at least for a short stretch.

    One new thing I’m doing this summer: Staying in a nice hotel in a wilderness environment with my husband & our best friends so we can hike on consecutive days and still enjoy a nice bed & shower. A brand new experience for me!

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  73. Diane L says:

    Inspire others to stay fit and active no matter what their age is!

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  74. Before summer is over, I would recommend getting up at least once before the sun rises and head outdoors on a run or walk. There is something magical about being outside while the sun slowly rises and when you feel the first rays of the day on your face.

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  75. cecelia p says:

    stand-up paddleboarding is a must! It’s a great total body workout and so much fun!

    If you can, everyone should go sky-diving. It is the best rush you’ll ever have.

    Do yoga outside in a park or along a river, it takes your practice to a new level!

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  76. Stephanie Khan says:

    Drop whatever I am doing at the moment when my son say “Mommy, lets go for a run” and go with him!

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  77. Tricia M. says:

    1. Be outside as much as possible especially enjoying sunsets
    2. Do at least one organized race.
    3. Swim in a lake.
    4. Canoe with the family.
    5. Run with your dog.
    6. Pick fresh veggies and fruit from you garden.
    7. Wear a skirt and flip flops everyday!
    8. Play outside with your kids.

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  78. Christina says:

    Do a sprint Tri! (I did 3 this summer for the first time!)
    Go mountain biking
    Go camping
    Take a new fitness class
    Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
    Run and obstacle race
    Run a FUN 5k – Color Run, Glow Run, etc!

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  79. Jacki says:

    1] Volunteer at a boys/girl or youth running club to share your love for running
    2] try a different type of yoga than the usual
    3] go for a run in the rain
    4] try yoga on the beach
    5] Stand Up Paddle boarding
    6] Enjoy the sunshine- go for a run in the heat of the day
    7] kite Surfing!

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  80. Denise says:

    - Walk a dog at your local animal shelter or Humane Society.
    - Play tag with your children.
    - Go on a horseback ride.
    - Engage your kids in a photo safari. See who can take the most creative photos while hiking through your local park.
    - clean out your closets to make room for some great new fall attire and donate to your local charity.
    - volunteer to help Habitat for Humanity for a day. Not only will you get some great exercise, but you will also be helping those in need.
    - eat clean! Now is a great time to check out your local farmers market!
    - go apple picking. There’s nothing quite like fresh applesauce!
    - enjoy being indoors as the mercury rises, and tour the local museum or art gallery that you’ve been meaning to check out.
    - try a new class at your local gym or YMCA.
    - enjoy a family picnic – bike there.
    - get up early and watch the sunrise.

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  81. kristen says:

    My current favorites for outdoor activities include:
    walking the dog at night – less heat & humidity for both of us!
    running – training for a 5k this fall
    hiking in the state parks
    gardening – it makes me sweat & playing in the dirt is therapeutic

    My wish list:
    SUP – no place nearby – but I’ve done it on vacation – still on the lookout for SUP in my area

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  82. Caitlin Johnson says:

    My favorite thing to do while the weather is warm is to camp! I love picking out campsites with hiking trails. For additional fun, make sure to bring the pooches! They love having some outdoor time and are good company for hiking. Plus, you won’t need an alarm clock! A little dog kiss will surely wake you up in the mornings.

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  83. Kris says:

    Short list:
    1. yoga hike
    2. stop to see the sunrise on an early morning run
    3. kayak with friends
    4. bike the local Rails-to-Trails route
    5. use the bike trainer when the weather is still hot
    6. trail run

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  84. Amanda D says:

    Bike commute!
    Go camping and hit the hiking trails.
    Try a duathlon.
    Walk the dogs or just go for a walk with your BFF or sister.
    Jog or walk to a farmers’ market.
    Try some new healthy recipes to fuel your workouts — use the farmers’ market veggies. ;-)
    Organize or attend an end-of-summer cookout with family/friends, and run around playing with the kids who are there.

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  85. Shannon Crockett says:

    Wow! 5 NEW things by the Fall Equinox – well I do have a bucket list but if I had to shorten my life span to September 22nd here goes:

    1) Rock Climb with the ocean beneath you vs. a dusty mat
    2) Hot Air Balloon over the Rocky Mountains during Sun Rise
    3) SUP Yoga while my fiancé SUP Fishes next to me on the Colorado River
    4) Hike the Colorado Hut System from Leadville to Aspen and retrace the steps of the WWII Snow Troopers.
    5) Relive my Youth and take an Adult Gymnastics Class (only this time a Foam Pit exists!)
    6) Learn to ride the Pipe! On my snowboard of course in South America where it’s winter.
    7) Get grounded while high in the air by Meditating for 30 minutes on top of one of Colorado’s Highest Peak – Mt. Elbert at 14,430ft.

    Life is short – carpe diem people because your breath will only fail you once and when it does you won’t care anymore. :-)

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  86. Merilyn says:

    I love summer! My favorites things are:

    Barefooting (especially with brothers and now nephews…)
    Swimming (especially with my kids at the pool or lake)
    Houseboating (making all of said above things easy and long lasting)
    Juicing, fruit salad, smoothies
    Walks at dusk in the balmy twilight

    Can we have summer extra long this year please? :)

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  87. Eva says:

    Go backpacking. The barrier to entry is lower than you think.

    Buy a longboard. You’ll feel stupid and awkward at first, but then you’ll get good at it and have the time of your life.

    Learn to climb. Indoor or outdoor — both are fun, and very different.

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  88. Ruth Miller says:

    Ride your bike around Crater Lake! Ride it clockwise and stop to admire the view as many times as you want. Crater lake is the deepest lake in the USA, it is a beautiful National Park.

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  89. Emory says:

    kayaking, skinny dipping, long walks, making blackberry cobbler, buy produce from a farm or farmer’s market, bake bread

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  90. Leslie says:

    Go for a mountain bike ride at night time with your lights or the moonlight
    yoga in the park
    sailing lessons
    run on the beach
    Go U picking

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  91. Penny says:

    What’s left on my summer to-do list? As a marathoner who runs a lot, I have a few ideas…
    1. Tackle that giant hill by the beach a few times during my long run. Yes, that’s right- within a long run try a few big hills to keep it exciting.
    2. Go for a run at dusk to watch the sunset on the ocean.
    3. Go for a run at the crack of dawn way earlier than normal to catch the sunrise and the quietness of the morning.
    4. Try something different like hot yoga to limber up a little.
    5. Rock my new Athleta performance bathing suit and wear it on a run on the beach.
    6. I started the summer promising myself to wear sunglasses or a hat on each summer run, and so, I want to continue that into the fall. (And of course with sunscreen too.)

    Whew! Let’s get to it!!

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  92. Jolene Schneider says:

    My activity for the summer doesn’t sound as exciting as the rest of the comments. But I am tired of being overweight and out of shape, so I have been concentrating on spending as much time at the gym as possible and once every weekend I take my husband and daughter on a different hike outside.

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  93. Teresa Allison says:

    This summer I plan to run my first 5k, the Color Run is coming to WV and my daughter and I will be running it together and making some great memories at the same time! The very next week I will be riding bikes with my brother and sister and their families on the Greenbrier River Trail, another first for me! I am so excited!!!

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  94. Suzy Roy says:

    This summer I revamped my life and started MOVING and I’m loving it! I try to take a daily walk with coworkers or in the evenings with my husband. We also tried hiking trails, flat trails and even a short mountainous hike! I’m hoping to try kayaking or paddleboarding this summer/fall. So many things to try and do!

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  95. Coral Rose says:

    Wow, summer is almost over and there is still so much to do! My suggestion is that you should not let summer pass without trying the following:
    1. Hit your local farmers market. During the summer, they are not hard to find. Not only will you walk a lot, but you get a chance to snag up amazing local fruits and veggies!
    2. Go for a late night hike, especially when the moon is full. You don’t have to worry about heavy layers like you would during cooler weather, you beat the daytime heat, and get an amazing view of the stars.
    3. Head towards the water. Whether you live close to the beach, lake, river, or local pool, you can’t let summer pass without getting your toes wet!
    4. Go for a walk/run around your neighborhood. After all, pretty soon, you will have to throw a jacket over all of those cute Athleta tank tops that you own!

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  96. Tara says:

    Running a 5k!

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  97. Jane says:

    Love summer and so much to do before awesome autumn begins but would like to:
    Dance with my husband.
    Go camping with friends
    Swim across the lake
    Try trapeze school
    Hot yoga

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  98. Julie says:

    I love summer. It is a great time for:
    trail running with some friends
    marathon training
    outdoor yoga
    patio sitting
    walks with the dogs

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  99. Amanda says:

    Swimming, paddleboating, hiking, surfing! Would be great to learn how to surf! Biking, tubing (takes some strength to hold on to the tube and drag yourself in and out of the boat!), water skiing, jogging on the beach (that sand can be killer to run through!), Try an outside workout with a class like an outdoor bootcamp. The possibilities are really endless! :)

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  100. Katy says:

    1. Paddle across a lake by moonlight
    2. Buy produce only from farmers markets
    3. Wear flip flops as long as possible.
    4. Have s’mores in the backyard.
    5. Keep the summer feeling as far into fall as I can !

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