Meditation for Intention

Tao Porchon-Lynch - A Meditation for IntentionThe changing tides of each moment, which seem to travel across the world changing day into night, changing every moment into the awakening of a new experience. Do not dwell on the past or what we feel should be in our lives, but picture the different phases of it and not let anything plunge us into the darkness of despair because we cannot seem to find the right path.

Much of the answer is written in the vast energy which springs across the Universe and vibrates in every atom. Watch like a vast scene being projected across the planet, and experience, look and feel this energy as it traverses the heavens.

From the winds that sweep the skies and make visible the light of day as we watch the dance of life in the clouds clear away the darkness of night penetrate our being.

A visible aspect of why mankind wanders the earth searching for new experiences; or stays static, pondering and meditating, on why we are here and what to do about our lives…

The answers are not in the unseen desert of our minds, but in the beauty of Nature how it strives to answer our prayers.

For we are composed of every aspect of nature and if we listen into our inner self, we will hear the music of the song of living.

Some people are stricken with fears which vibrate through their thoughts, deteriorating their lives and bodies; creating decay… shutting out the magnificent pulse beat of their lives. And blinding their inner vision; whilst others dwell on “tomorrow” hoping things will open up, but tomorrow never comes and so they sink back into an abyss of darkness, unable to see through the clouds of ignorance or watch as the sun lights up the heavens and reveals a beautiful blue sky.

Become sensitive to the dawn, begin each new day, watch how green the leaves on a tree or the millions of tiny blades of grass push through the soil, smell the fresh fragrance and perfume of flowers and watch all the incredible colors flow from within the hidden darkness of the earth below.

Let it penetrate your being as you watch the incredible energy of the tiniest of creatures.

The song of the birds heralding the new day.

As it enters your heart, this music of the soul becomes a mirror of a new cycle of life, becomes immersed in the joy and wonder of the eternal life, then you will start to experience within yourselves the joining of body, mind, and spirit. Yug (Sanskrit meaning to link or join together). The Sound of the Universe, the Sound of OM or Shalom. The Sound of Peace and the reason why you are part of this UNIVERSE.

Excerpt from Reflections: The Yogic Journey of Life by Tao Porchon-Lynch. Learn more »

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March 05, 2013 at 8:06 am

Well said, Tao. The answer IS in the beauty of nature, for sure. When you look, you find so much. Thanks for being an inspiration to me. If you are ever in Delaware, I’d love to see you.

Ainee Beland

March 05, 2013 at 8:16 am

My journey seems to be one that I am taking alone since support is not forth coming. I am stagnant in this life and cannot cleanse and rid of my past. I have been locked and forced to continually look back to the unpleasantness that made me what I am today. A vain and not seeming to care about much and I am seen as vile sinner for not wanting children.

I take delight in nature when out walking as I am reminded of all the things that I do not want in my life and that I will not compromise my life; and yet I have subjected myself to doing just that since having to give up my apartment and to have moved in with my in-laws. I am not stuck it seems and unable to move on.

I know to do this moving on, I need help but channels are not open to me because I am seen as selfish and vain.

Thank you for reading!

Pierrette Pena

March 05, 2013 at 8:44 am

Tao is my most favourite athlete. I have been struggling with a serious health issue (persistent pneumonia) lately and have not been able to keep up with my yoga. I have been fighting many negative thoughts and reading Tao’s excerpts has been mentally rewarding: ” never let fear get into your mind, welcome each new dawn”. Tao is just the best, she is not trying to “show off”, she is just sharing her wisdom and that is more inspirational than any other testimony I have read so far.

Valerie Cannon

March 05, 2013 at 2:37 pm

It is so hard to stand firm and keep connection with what you know is right for you, but it is so right to do so. My workplace just implemented a 10-hr, 4-day work week and it doesn’t fit with my body rhythm and family priorities. Standing up to this imposition (and refusing to participate) means I keep some morning and evening rituals that help maintain my balance. I love reading Tao’s words, so clearly articulates the feelings in my heart.


March 11, 2013 at 11:04 pm

Thank you so much for sharing these incredibly wise and empowering thoughts! Taking a second to embrace all the beauty that is around me has literally changed my life! Amidst all the crazies in our lives…we really do live in pure abundance and possibility …its just our ability to tap into it , or not! “Celebrate your life!”

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