Introducing Our 2013 Athletes

We’re proud to announce our 2013 sponsored athletes, a group of 45 women ranging in age from 14 to 94, proving it’s never too early or too late to be an athletic inspiration.

Each year, as we inspire ourselves to set intentions, we also think about what inspires others. That’s why we select a team of sponsored athletes who inspire us by embodying the Power to the She state of mind, both through their athletic accomplishments as well as the vibrant, impassioned lives they lead.

Connect with these exceptional women by visiting your local Athleta store and following their journeys here on the Athleta Chi blog »


  1. Roaine Steblai says:

    How does one become an athleta sponsored athlete. My daughter is amazing. She doe sit all: swim, volleyball, lacrosse, soccer and she is a lovely person.

    I would love to se eher sponsored by athleta

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  2. Team Athleta says:

    Hi Roaine,

    Your daughter sounds like a great candidate for our sponsorship program! Please share this link and encourage her to apply when we open applications for 2014 sponsorship:


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  3. Ansolette Andov says:

    Good day
    I am a qualified personal trainer in South Africa and I would like to get in touch with someone with regards to a business idea. I know that Athleta is not yet available in SA however I have bought some of your products and I love it. I am also aware that you have three programs; sponsoring aspiring athletes, Iron girl and run girl. I am looking to open a bootcamp training camp and I would like to know if you would be interested in this proposition?
    Ansolette Andov

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  4. Team Athleta says:

    Ansolette, thanks for your interest. We’re not currently pursuing partnerships or sponsorships outside the U.S., but wish you the best with your bootcamp venture!


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  5. Hello,

    I realize I missed applying for the 2013 Athletes and thought I would do it in 2014, but than also remembered that I will no longer be competing at the collegiate level since I’ll be graduating. I’ve always wanted to model and have done some things on the side. I auditioned for America’s Next Top Model and made it to the semi-finals but was told I’m too muscular. Go figure? My mother and I both loveee the clothing. She always tells me I should be in the catalog. So here I am, I don’t know if this is the right place; but it’s a start. How can I become one of your models!?


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  6. Team Athleta says:

    Thanks for your interest, Casey! Please see the footer for a link to our modeling inquiries form.

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  7. VIKAS BHATIA says:

    hi i m from INDIA . my daughter riya bhatia is a international lawn tennis player.she is currently ranked 250 in itf junior.we need some help to grow her as a international player.should i got some help from ur company7

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  8. Sandy Morley says:

    Hi there; I work with a non profit organization in NY for Health and Physical Educators. I’d like to chat with someone about a potential sponsorship or partnership with Athleta…we run a “Partners in Learning Program” to connect with companies with related goals.

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  9. Team Athleta says:

    @Vikas, congrats to your daughter on her accomplishments as an athlete! We don’t have an international sponsorship program at this time, but here’s a link to info about how Athleta works with athletes:

    @Sandy, thanks for your inquiry. Please use the contact form — — so we can direct it to the appropriate people for consideration.

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  10. Janet says:

    I sure do love your clothing and gear, but it’s so freaken expensive. I’m always checking your sales, but by then my size ( medium ) is always sold out. It’s a bummer. I think I’m a pretty average mom/athlete. I think typically athletes spend a lot of time working out and therefore less time making money. Do you ever consider doing a more affordable line?

    P.S. I miss the old days when you had more average women modeling in your catalogs.

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  11. Team Athleta says:

    Hi Janet,

    Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us, and I will definitely pass along your thoughts about our models and a more affordable line!


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  12. Karen Kempt says:

    Please take my name off your list. I don’t buy for myself and am not interested.

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  13. Team Athleta says:

    Karen, our customer service team can help remove you from any lists you may be on. Please contact them at 877-328-4538 or by email at

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  14. Olivia says:

    We are in the process of adopting an older girl from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have organized a team to run in the Hollywood Walk of Fame 5k race. We are running for this sweet girl to raise money to help get her home, take supplies to the orphanage and raise awareness of the needs of the 5 million orphans in the DRC. Athleta has been an inspiration to me. I never thought I could run again because of injuries to my knees. I kept receiving your awesome catalogs in the mail and just the images got me thinking maybe I should try running again, maybe it is possible for me to run again! Your catalog totally motivated me to set a goal to run in your Iron Girl 5K, I’ll never forget when I ran my first 1/2 mile. I couldn’t believe I did it, then I ran a mile and then I surpassed my goal and ran 3.5 miles!!! I did it! I ran again! I did what I thought was impossible and you inspired me to do it! It would mean the world to me to show your logo/name on our team T-shirts! Is this possible? Would you consider this? I never imagined that I would be adopting an older girl from the DRC, but here I am again doing what I thought was impossible because Athleta made me believe in myself again; made me belief that good things can happen. This race is for her. I want to send her pictures of it so that she can see all the people running that love her; so that she can hope for a better tomorrow. Please help her believe in herself too!

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  15. Team Athleta says:

    Olivia, thank you for commenting and sharing your story! We’re honored to be part of the inspiration that has motivated you to reconnect with running and discover what’s possible for you and your family. You’re an amazing woman! Please email us using the contact form — — so we can direct our inquiry to the appropriate folks.

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  16. Heidi Darbo says:

    I am a YMCA director in Gadsden, AL do you sponsor runs and other athletic events benefiting organizations like the Y? Do you have any grant opportunities or other funds available so we can do more “healthy living, youth development, and social responsibility” programs at our Y. Love your clothes! perfect for me to go to work and then do a yoga class in the middle of the day and back to work again.

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  17. Team Athleta says:

    Heidi, thanks for your inquiry. We’ve already committed to sponsoring the Athleta Iron Girl and Athleta Esprit de She national race series, and are committed to Girls on the Run as our national charitable partner. I’m sorry I can’t direct you to any Athleta sponsorship programs suited to your needs, but wish you the best finding resources to expand your programs!

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