The Power of Intention… What’s Yours?

by Colleen Cannon 650

01-28-13 UPDATE: Thanks for all the AMAZING intentions you’ve contributed! Comments made after 5:00pm Pacific Time on January 28th are not eligible for the giveaway, but please feel free to continue sharing your intentions! See the weekly intention winners featured on our Facebook and Pinterest. Congratulations to our random winners, Jenna, Melody, Ashlyn, Mary, Trina, and Colleen!

The Power of Intention: What's Yours?Four thousand or so years ago, the ancients gave us the formula for shaping our lives: desire + will/intention + deed = destiny.  A heart-felt intention will direct the mind, thoughts and feelings, and help you take aim and action towards your Heart’s Desire.

Your intention bridges the gap between what you desire and what you bring into your life.

Many of us have strong desires that never manifest — we want fame, riches, beauty, health, etc., but the yearning alone is not enough to make it happen.  Why?  Because without intent this strong energy has no direction, and is destined to remain nothing more than wishful thinking.

Harness the amazing Power of Intention today to create your deepest wishes and your Heart’s Desire (and see below of an added incentive!).  Here are a few guidelines to consider:

  • You are the creator of your life. You are the designer, the sculptor and the living work of art. It is up to YOU to create the life you love through mindfully intending your desires into reality.
  • Get clear on what you want. You may want to write down your ideas (see below for a chance to win an Athleta giftcard when you share your intentions!) or create a vision board to give form and clarity to your desires.
  • Make contact with your heart so your intention has passion and excitement.  Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that means to set an intention formed in the mind and the heart. (San refers to a connection with the highest truth and kalpa means vow or “the rule to be followed above all other rules.”)  This is the intention quality you are looking for — one straight from your heart.
  • Where the mind goes, energy flows.  Pay attention to your mind and consciously practice directing your thoughts towards your Heart’s Desire. Intention is a skill that requires your attention.  Without awareness, “monkey-mind” takes over, wasting your “one wild and precious life” on meaningless chatter and idle distractions.  But with intention, all the forces of the universe mobilize and align to help you so that anything is possible.
  • Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t.  Make sure the basis of your intention is desire and not fear.  Otherwise your powerful intent is set to bat for the wrong team and you get the opposite of what you wanted. Most New Year’s resolutions don’t work because of this very mistake.
  • Watch your language.  Words focus your energy, so make sure you formulate your intention in a positive, present tense statement. “I am vibrant, healthy and at my perfect weight” vs. “I need to lose 20 pounds.”
  • Believe.  Act as if your intention has already come true.  One thing I like to do is give thanks for my intentions in the morning, as if they have already happened. “I am thankful for feeling vibrant and healthy and for having so much energy today.”

Never underestimate the power of such focused intention.   Love, intend, do and watch the magic happen!

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There’s great power inside each one of us. The power to do incredible things. To reach for and accomplish big goals. Our athletic endeavors help us tap into this power and it permeates the rest of our lives, making our relationships stronger, our wills resolute and our spirits more resilient.

One way to get clear on your intent is to write it down, so we invite you to post a comment with your intention(s)! When you comment, you’re eligible to win an Athleta GiftCard in one of two ways:

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