Athleta Sponsors 2012 USA Women’s Water Polo Team

by Team Athleta 8

USA Women's Water Polo Team

Athleta is committed to celebrating women and their amazing capacity, so we’re thrilled to announce our sponsorship of the 2012 USA Women’s Water Polo Team, a group of 17 exceptional women who, collectively, have 12 Olympic medals, 16 World Championship titles and 85 years of water polo experience. Their athletic accomplishments are beyond impressive, but it’s their personal stories that truly embody what it means to achieve your goals while always reaching for more.

The USA Women’s Water Polo Team qualified for the London 2012 Olympic Games when they won gold at the Pan Am Games in Mexico last October. Since then, they’ve been training hard to prepare for this momentous event in their lives. In addition to providing the team with everything they need for cross-fit training, dry-land workouts, travel and beyond, we’ll be sharing their stories through blogs, player profiles and store events, as well as hosting team fundraisers. All this to inspire you to do the things you aspire to do.

We hope you’ll follow along as we support these women through their intense training and cheer them on as they compete in London. To kick things off, we caught up with team captain Brenda Villa (the most decorated women’s water polo athlete in the world!) for a quick Q&A…

Brenda Villa, USA Women's Water Polo Team CaptainHow do you and the team feel going into the Summer games?

Personally, I’m very excited to get another opportunity. It’s a last chance for me to compete on the highest stage with an amazing group of women. We’ve come a long way in four years and we’re still tuning up to be at our best in London.

Take us through a typical day-in-the-life training.

A Monday will look like this: Wake up at 6am. Eat oatmeal for breakfast. Get to pool by 6:50am. Strength training begins at 7am and will last for 1.5-2 hours. We then get into the pool and condition for about an hour. From 7-10am, we’re moving non-stop. After practice, I drive home eat a quick lunch and sneak in a nap. I head back to the pool at 1pm for more water polo conditioning and skills from 1:30- 4:30pm.

Wow – that is intense! How do you balance the rest of your life with such a rigorous training program?

It’s hard to balance. But it’s incredibly helpful to have supportive family and friends. They keep me balanced and distract me in a good way.

What do you love about women’s water polo?

The instant sisterhood you establish with your team.

Tell us something we wouldn’t know about professional/Olympic water polo players.

We like to drink coffee before games and dance in our pre-game routine.

What do you do to reward yourself and stay motivated? (i.e. Ice cream sundae after the games?)

Shopping is a great reward after a long week of hard training. And I love breakfast! I will treat myself to a good breakfast to reward my hard work.

What tips do you have for the Athleta customer who’s challenging herself with a new athletic goal this year?

Stay with it and stay committed. Results take time. You cannot replace hard work with a quick fix.

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