2012 Featured Athletes

Athleta is about real athletes inspiring active women with products that function, fit and perform beautifully. To help achieve our goal of providing the best products and service, we’re committed to connecting with athletes who inspire our business, our products and (most importantly) our customers. Please click around for information about these amazing women, or click here to learn about our sponsorship program.

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Amie Breeze AMIE BREEZE grew up in Mariposa, California, a small mountain community at the base of Yosemite that gave her an early appreciation and respect for the Great Outdoors. Little did she know all that running… more »
Anita Ronzone ANITA RONZONE is a karate instructor six days a week, a working professional five days a week, and a 24/7 wife, mother, and small business owner who believes that having goals which motivate… more »
Ariele Foster ARIELE FOSTER is a doctor of physical therapy and a yoga teacher who has a lifelong yoga practice thanks to her dear grandmother, a yoga teacher now in her eighties who still leads classes seven days a week… more »
Caitlin Gregg CAITLIN GREGG was on the slopes with her parents as soon as she could walk, falling in love with everything winter. Her passion for skiing was elevated to a new level when her family moved to Vermont… more »
Carri Uranga CARRI URANGA is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Pilates instructor, avid traveler, runner, backpacker, and general Jill-of-all-Trades enjoying outdoor recreational activities from sea to snow… more »
Christy Mahon CHRISTY MAHON completed her goal of skiing all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot mountains (aka “14ers”) on May 16, 2010. While the root of the project can be traced back 10 years… more »
Erica Lineberry ERICA LINEBERRY is a rock climbing mama from Charlotte, North Carolina who wants to write, inspire, and play outside. A free-spirited lover of adventure for as long as she can remember… more »
Gen Matchette GEN MATCHETTE has always been active, participating in a multitude of sports from running to gymnastics and soccer as a child, to yoga, aerobics and kickboxing as an adult. At the urging of a friend… more »
Jennifer Pattee JENNIFER PATTEE is a competitive ultrarunner, outdoor fitness maven, and relentless pursuer of playtime. She founded San Francisco’s Basic Training in 2008 to fill the void for others like her… more »
Jennifer Turner JENNIFER TURNER was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago and never met a Happy Meal or a chicken wing she didn’t like. As she began to outgrow her childhood life-threatening asthma… more »
Jeri Howland JERI HOWLAND is an endurance athlete, multi-sport coach, entrepreneur, and fundraiser who has been competing in triathlons across the globe for 30 years. In 2004, she had the race of her life… more »
Jill Robinson JILL ROBINSON divides her time between travel writing, running a kayak business and trying to wring awe-inspiring adventures out of every day. An avid outdoors enthusiast, she learned to kayak… more »
Kathleen Harding KATHLEEN HARDING is a pro mountain bike racer who has loved spending time in the outdoors for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Pennsylvania’s countryside with active parents… more »
Katie Silcox KATIE SILCOX leads yoga, meditation, and teacher training workshops on a national and international scale, and has also developed an outdoor “Yogini Warrior” program to enhance… more »
Katy Sullivan KATY SULLIVAN was born without either of her lower legs. At the time, there was no way of knowing whether she’d even be able to use her legs at all, and a doctor told Katy’s mother… more »
Kristen Thomas KRISTIN THOMAS never expected to become a competitive athlete, let alone at an age when many have given up on their physical potential. Always a water lover, Kristin shouldn’t have been surprised… more »
Laura Skladzinski LAURA SKLADZINSKI smashed even her own expectations and broke a world record as the youngest woman to run a marathon in each of the 50 states, despite an unathletic childhood… more »
Melanie Webb MELANIE WEBB is an innovator in the growing adventure travel industry whose quest, personally and professionally, is to challenge the body, lift the spirit, and do so while immersed in wilderness… more »
Rachel Toor RACHEL TOOR is a distance runner who used to be an “either/or” kind of person. She thought: either you were a nerdy little egghead, or you were an outdoorsy jock. She spent the first thirty years of her life indoors… more »
Teri Larson Jones TERI LARSON JONES wasn’t an athlete until she reached her mid-30s. Today, her sport of choice is barefoot waterskiing, widely considered to be waterskiing’s ultimate challenge… more »
USA Women's Water Polo Team The USA WOMEN’S WATER POLO TEAM is a group of 17 exceptional women who, collectively, have 12 Olympic medals, 16 World Championship titles and 85 years of water polo experience…. more »