Snow Angels

by Mary DeLaney 10

I woke up this morning thinking about snow angels.  Then my mind quickly went to my “to do” list.  Still need to return that present, still need to grocery shop for New Year’s Eve, got to clean the kitchen, should make another batch of cookies and what time did I say I would get to the pool for my workout?  Whoa!  Slow it down!

Snow AngelAt 5:30 am thoughts of snow angels are at least as important as other thoughts.  This time of year we can get so caught up in doing this, going there, making another something, mailing one more package, that we forget the magic of this season.  Is finding that item on sale really more important than making a snow angel?

If you live in snow country and you have young children, then I hope you have already made some good snow angels.  You are way ahead of me.  Our children are 25 and 29, and recently they have not begged me to go out with them to make snow angels.  But, does that mean I can’t go out and make them alone?  Is there a rule that you have to have little kids to justify making a good snow angel?  I combed the internet and so far, I have come across no rule or law prohibiting that activity solo.

First, you have to have some new snow or at least some untracked snow.  (For those not in snow country, you could probably make a sand angel or has anyone made a gravel angel?  Maybe not so appealing, but you get the idea.)  Then, the next most important thing:  leave your watch, smart phone, ipod, and your tablet behind.  Go out unconnected.  C’mon, I know you can do it.

Choose your spot and if it is deep enough just relax and fall backwards.  If you just have a light dusting of snow, best to ease yourself down. (Visits to the ER are not part of the fun!)  Before you do another thing, just look up at the sky, the trees, the clouds and, if you are really lucky, the snowflakes that are continuing to fall on your face!  Breathe deeply and, as you exhale, think about all your blessings and how fortunate you have been this year.  Smile as you think about those people who are angels to you (with or without snow).  Who makes you happy just being around them?

Snow AngelNow, since you are wearing your great Athleta gear, you aren’t cold at all, so it is time to make that angel.  Slide your arms up and down to make the wings, because we all have “wings” of some kind that make us fly.  Consider what gives you your wings.  Now, if you have not made your angel on a hill, getting up will be tricky, but the great thing is that if you mess up the angel getting out of the snow, you can make another, and another.  There is no legal limit to the number of angels and the time you spend out there.  Actually, the more the better.

So, the point is obviously not to make the “perfect” angel, but to spend some perfect time relaxing and reflecting on the past year.  To whom have you been an angel this year?  Who might need you to be their angel in 2011?  Have you thanked your angels lately?

It has been an honor and a privilege to be an Athleta athlete this year!  I wish all of our Athleta family the most joyous holiday season and a healthy, happy new year!  Hope to see you out there!

Mary DeLaney is a triathlete, skier, kayaker, hiker, sailor, and scuba diver who runs a coaching and rehabilitation business, called Rehab to Racing, that she started with her husband. Rehab to Racing helps injured athletes get back to their sports… {more}