Introducing Our 2010 Featured Athletes

Team Athleta 2010

They’re yoginis and runners, skiers, triathletes, surfers, cyclists, and the list goes on. They’re moms, wives, friends, daughters, and professionals. They’re women who approach each day intending to stay balanced and strengthen their body, mind, and spirit for sport and the sport of life.

Sound like someone you know? Most likely.

We hope you’ll enjoy reading their stories, celebrating their accomplishments, and learning from their insight and expertise.



  1. G Pelliteri says:

    Hi, I think your athletes are wonderful. I think it would be a great idea to use regular people and add their stories of what it is to be fit and healthy. I have been a physical education teacher, wellness director, fitness director and own my own pilates and gyrotonic studio in Scottsdale Arizona. Fitness and health has been a part of my life forever. Many of us have contributed to making other’s healthy and fit. Don’t forget about all of the people that may not have won gold medals…. but have contributed in other ways. I love your products and my closet is filled with them. Warm regards, G Pelliteri

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  2. Autumn says:

    I see these ARE regular people, some more regular than others, ALL of them inspirational!
    Thank you Athleta!

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  3. I had the same concern, I’m not an aspiring Olympian, I thought they’d never choose me. But, they did! I love having the opportunity to share MY inspiration (my family) and how I overcame so much self doubt to become one strong mom. The lesson I learned, you probably won’t be a Featured Athlete if you don’t apply. Just like you won’t get healthy if you don’t move your bod.

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  4. Mary DeLaney says:

    You can be very certain that most of us are very regular people! And not all of us are very young, except in spirit. I am 57. When I applied to be a sponsored athlete, I just barely walking, recovering from my severe ski accident. My workouts were nothing like they had been when I was a triathlete, just a year before. But, Athleta looks at the person, inside and out. You should apply!

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  5. Catherine Dickson says:

    I want to thank you Mary for your encouragement regarding sponsor application. Athleta does seem quite unique and special at that. And, that’s exactly what keeps me coming back for more! :)

    I am certainly not perfect by any means…I am a regular person who strives hard to put my best foot forward into everything I am and do in life (for my family, friends, co-workers, community, etc.) while enjoying the journey.

    I believe in trying and giving it your best effort always–just remember, great things result in the attempt alone!!!!!

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