Fit Minute With Julie “Jaws” Nelson

by Team Athleta 4

Today we’re interviewing Julie “Jaws” Nelson, sought-after NYC spin instructor and once-upon-a-time Broadway dancer. 28 and accomplished in everything from bootcamp to ballet, she’s our go-to for taking on any challenge in any sport. What’s your go-to workout right now? SoulCycle and Vinyasa Yoga. But lately ...

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3 Pilates Planks For A Strong Core

by Robin Long 4

We all know we should be doing exercises to “strengthen our core,” but what does that really mean? For most, sit-ups and crunches are the first things that come to mind. And while the abs are certainly an important component of core strength, the core actually ...

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Keep Calm and Carry On

by Teresa Nguyen 5

Woosah. Sometimes, we get caught up with the daily tasks of deadlines and long to-do lists. To calm the mind, I practice yoga or yogalates (combined with Pilates!) two to three times a week. The breathing techniques help to relax, and the poses build full body ...

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Why We Don’t Count Calories

by barre3 1

Have you been counting calories in an effort to lose weight? One of the first things you’ll notice about the barre3 Nutrition Philosophy is that we don’t count calories. Here’s why: First off, losing weight and being healthy is more than a matter of calories in, ...

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Detox With Orange Mint Coconut Water

by Lisa Lin 7

Need to detox after the holiday season? This orange mint coconut water will do the trick! If there’s one thing your body needs after weeks of overindulging, it’s this drink. It only contains orange juice, coconut water, mint, club soda, and ice. The sugar content in this ...

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