Crush The Runway (Contest!)

by Team Athleta 0

Help us set the stage for a runway reimagined. On 09.03.14 we’re hitting NYC’s fashion scene with Crush of Adrenaline, a power-packed performance mixing fitness and fashion. Get pumped for the big day by following us on Instagram, where we’ll feature Brooke, Kerri, Rachel, Taylr and ...

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POWER UP for Girls on the Run

by Team Athleta 26

  When a girl runs, she lives in the moment. She’s no longer small, big, slow, fast, shy, loud, rule-breaker or rule-follower. The layers peel away with every step she takes until all that remains is strength. Utter confidence in her abilities and, by extension, herself. ...

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Dance Lessons: Meet Kira Alvarado

by Team Athleta 0

When she was three years old, Kira Alvarado, an exhale Core Fusion Barre and fitness instructor, daydreamed about becoming a ballerina. Since then, she’s lived out her dream by attending the New World School of Arts College to become a classically trained ballerina and modern dancer. Kira loves the freedom ...

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The Rundown on Summer Run Style

by Jacqueline Judge 5

The difference between trends and must-haves is the same in the fitness world as it is in the fashion world: Trends come and go, but your must-haves stick around for good. (What ever happened to minimalist shoes?) See my personal faves for hot weather running. ...

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Getting Into the Swim

by Elaine Howley 8

If you’ve always wanted to use swimming as a means of working out, but maybe haven’t felt comfortable swimming with other people or have been put off by the seemingly impenetrable or unwelcoming nature of adult swim groups, then this article is for you. Below are ...

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Eat Your Skincare

by Well+Good 5

Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with this month’s tip from Sarma Melngailis, raw-food pioneer, founder of Pure Food & Wine and One Lucky Duck. There are lots of reasons raw veggies are great for you. One reason besides the obvious nutrition factor? Vanity! Well, glowing ...

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What’s in Season?

by Robin Long 1

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the fresh, readily available produce. While I’m not going to tell you exactly what to eat and what not to eat this summer, I am going to provide loads of healthy summer recipes on my blog ...

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Outdoor Style: Finding Calm

by Johnie Emma Gall 0

I’ve always wanted to be one of those women who can sit and meditate for hours. Or hold a stretch for longer than a minute. Or even relax under a palm tree listening to the ocean. But that’s just not me—I meditate by pawing my way ...

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Walk the Talk

by Kate Ogata 0

After living in San Francisco for almost five years now, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for walking. When I used to live in the ‘burbs, driving was a part of everyday life – today, I can probably go a full week without hopping into a car. ...

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