#BalanceBasics Yoga Challenge

by Team Athleta 0

Who’s up for a yoga challenge? There’s no better time to practice than National Yoga Month, so for the whole month of September yoga-loving teachers Kino MacGregor, Kerri Verna and Laura Kasperzak are hosting #BalanceBasics, a series of inspiring, instructional photos to help improve balance. From ...

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Active Recovery

by Kelley Heye 0

It’s hard to believe; sometimes the best thing you can do for those super sore muscles is to workout. We call it “active recovery.” You know how it is — You worked out really hard and your legs hurt, all you can bear to do is to lay ...

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5 Ways Bikram Yoga Helped Me Run A Marathon

by Jenny Fagan 1

Less than a year ago running any race, much less a marathon, didn’t even register on my bucket list.  While I have nurtured many hobbies for consecutive years, if not my entire life – art, yoga, music – my interest in running is highly episodic.  I ...

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Chocolate Chia Pudding

by barre3 15

Satisfy your sweet tooth guilt-free with this delicious, decadent and (dare we say) good-for-you dessert! We like this healthier chocolate pudding even better than the real thing because it doesn’t sabotage your fitness goals or cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. Chocolate Almond Chia-Seed ...

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Eat Your Skincare

by Well+Good 6

Make this your Healthiest Year Ever with this month’s tip from Sarma Melngailis, raw-food pioneer, founder of Pure Food & Wine and One Lucky Duck. There are lots of reasons raw veggies are great for you. One reason besides the obvious nutrition factor? Vanity! Well, glowing ...

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Outdoor Style: Finding Calm

by Johnie Emma Gall 0

I’ve always wanted to be one of those women who can sit and meditate for hours. Or hold a stretch for longer than a minute. Or even relax under a palm tree listening to the ocean. But that’s just not me—I meditate by pawing my way ...

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Walk the Talk

by Kate Ogata 0

After living in San Francisco for almost five years now, I’ve gained a greater appreciation for walking. When I used to live in the ‘burbs, driving was a part of everyday life – today, I can probably go a full week without hopping into a car. ...

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